Cambridge EDL Statement

We believe that diversity enriches our city. Tolerance, generosity and understanding make the community the stronger. We are proud of our city's capacity peacefully to embrace people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds and enable them to regard Cambridge as their home.

The proposed English Defence League visit to Cambridge on 9th July is therefore unwelcome. The EDL stands for everything we do not - intolerance, hatred and division. They have little or no known support in the city.

EDL has a right to free speech within the law as do we all, but we call on the people of the city to demonstrate EDL's irrelevance to our community by turning their back and going on with business as normal. We do not intend to dignify them with the reaction on the streets that they are hoping to provoke. We welcome the statement of the Cambridge Muslim Council which endorses these principles.

We support the Police in their duty to safeguard public order and protect those parts of the community who feel threatened by the EDL - and to seek to achieve this by minimising confrontation.

If you would like to support this statement, please insert your details below. We will update the list of signatories once per day. Feel free to include any organisations which you represent.

We believe this issue is relevant across and beyond political party boundaries. While this statement is hosted on a Liberal Democrat website, endorsement of this statement will not be treated as an endorsement of the Liberal Democrat party.

Signatories as of 1646 8th July 2011

Julian Huppert MP, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Cambridge
Sian Reid, Leader of Cambridge City Council & Liberal Democrat City Councillor for Newnham
Ian Nimmo-Smith, Mayor of Cambridge & Liberal Democrat City Councillor for West Chesterton
Catherine Smart Deputy Leader of Cambridge City Council and Liberal Democrat City Councillor for Romsey
Kilian Bourke, Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Cambridgeshire County Council
Alan Levy
Michelle Taylor
Paul Saunders
Ms Mariken Schipper
Neil McGovern
Rachel Coleman Finch
Spencer Hagard
William Barter
Lesley Innes
Sarah Brown
Zoe OConnell
Cllr Susannah Kerr
Fiona Whelan
Cllr Ian Manning
Colin Rosenstiel
Tim Bick
Sylvia Knight
Andrea Reiner
Susan Sharples
Mrs Azar Semmence
J Cooper
Mike Pitt
rod cantrill
Paul Fox
sarah ellis-miller
Brian Hicks
Luke Richards
David Jessop
Lezan Hawizy
caroline Shepherd Cambridgeshire County Councile
alex shepherd
ruth brannan
Tim Ward
Jennifer Liddle, Honorary City Councillor
Martin Land
David Jenkins
Damien Tunnacliffe
Councillor Michael Williamson
Tim Stone
Peter Canning
Rosalind Evans
Catherine Pitt
David C Bick
Paul little
Ieva Lismane, Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats
Pam Manning
Eve Corder
Simon Kightley
simon elliston ball
Christine Prentice
Cllr.Nigel Bell
Mike Dixon
John Batchelor County Councillor Linton
Peter Downes
Anthony Bowen
Sam Bailey
Adam Reynolds
Derek Wilcox
Barry Platt
Tony Jebson
david burke
Michael O'Sullivan
James Harrison, Rad dude
Richard Edgington
Chris Cooper
Ed Evans
Ellie Holt
Klaas Brumann
Owen Dunn
Damien Ryan
B Nicolson
Tony Finch
Sharmil Ghouse
Sandy Yatteau
Ammar Jawad
Tori Spratt
Ann Galpin
Cllr Andy Pellew
Pawel Ficinski
Lisa Kirkham
Paul Westlake, Saffron Walden Liberal Democrats
Ketan Parikh
Damian Smith
Sarjana Parikh
George Fernando
Luke Fernandes
James Bartlett
mike dixon
Richard Ames-Lewis
Jean Swanson Liberal Democrat City Councillor for Queen Edith's
Simon Baker
Rory Ellwood, Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats
john fenton
Frances Dewhurst
Dave Sharma
Cara Donnelly
Simon O'Connor
Thomas Stanley
Graeme Mitchison
Sylvia Jaworska
Louise Lord
Ann Corlett
Rohanna Lacey
Paul Thomas
judith braid
Asad Rana
Gareth Rowlands
Ed Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Ian Anderson
Anna Rowlands
Fahmida Yasmin
James Knight

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