Huppert’s keeping an eye on global action on climate change

MP Julian Huppert is keeping an eye on politicians and corporations, watching their action on climate change.

MP Julian Huppert is keeping an eye on politicians and corporations, watching their action on climate change.

Julian painted a blue circle round his right eye to show his support for The Future movement which is campaigning for global agreement against carbon emissions and has The Eye as its symbol.

His demonstration of support was copied by members of staff from his Cambridge constituency office and the city’s Liberal Democrat party office.

The Future is calling on people across the country to show their support for the campaign as world leaders prepare to meet for the United Nations Climate Summit on Tuesday (September 23).

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked delegates to bring bold announcements and actions to the Climate Summit that will reduce carbon emissions and demonstrate the political will for a global agreement on climate change in 2015.

On Tuesday evening supporters will run 5km around London as a peaceful expression of movement and resistance. The movement protest will also take place in other cities around the world including Sydney, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Paris where dancers, skaters, freerunners and others will take to the streets.

Julian said: “Climate change is a huge threat to the future of our planet and yet there are politicians burying their heads in the sand and convincing themselves and their people that it’s not happening.

“I support this campaign by The Future because if we don’t take positive action now our planet won’t have a future. It’s a simple symbol of support but it makes people sit up and take notice and start a conversation about climate change.

“If we all do this one simple thing it sends a strong message to the world’s leaders that we are not going to leave our future to chance. I would urge everyone who cares about the environment our children and their children will be growing up in to support this campaign.”


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