Improvements due for Adam and Eve car park

Dear fellow local resident,

Local residents approached us about a project to green and smarten up the edge of the Adam and Eve car park. It has been a long time coming but things are beginning to happen. We are told it will be implemented in the new year, so we wanted to share with you the proposed plan.

With a modest budget we hope to make the car park better suited to our neighbourhood by removing the industrial look of the car park and introducing green areas within the tight constraints of space.

Adam and Eve Car Park Planting Proposal


view plans in more detail here 1 + 2

The plan is to:

  •  Introduce a narrow (40cm) band of planting between the fence posts, with low maintenance, ornamental grass-type planting;
  • Extend and incorporate the four existing pits with trees into the new lateral planting bed. 
  • Plant a new tree and create a larger planting bed around the base of the redundant tree pit on the left of the entrance, repositioning the signpost and notice board
  • Install black ‘Cambridge style’ two rail fencing, as can be seen at the edge of Parker’s Piece

For an area of high intensity use, the solution needs to be simple and robust, avoid interfering with high voltage electricity cabling below the surface and leave space for safe vehicle manoeuvring.

Thanks to all those who brought the idea to us. Taking all into account we think it promises to be a pleasant enhancement to the neighbourhood. Let’s hope that’s how it turns out - and that it won’t take much longer.

Kind Regards,

Cllr Tim Bick

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