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Join Julian in his fight for fairer funding for Cambridgeshire's schoolsFor 30 years, Cambridgeshire schools have been underfunded. Currently, we get £600 per pupil per year less than the English average – that’s about £250,000 for a typical primary school.

I’ve been campaigning on this for more than a decade, as have others before me, but no government has ever been prepared to do anything about it – until now.

Changing this has been one of my personal priorities since I was elected, and after raising questions, holding debates, and putting pressure on Michael Gove, David Laws, Danny Alexander and Nick Clegg, I am really delighted that David announced that the government would give us extra money to close the gap – in fact, we’re in line to get just over £20 million pounds extra.

This is excellent news, and will be welcomed by every school in the county. But technically it’s a consultation – we need to make sure it happens. Please sign my petition at to make sure it happens.

With your help we can secure a better deal for Cambridgeshire’s pupils.

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Julian's Survey

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