Julian's Survey


Last year saw politics shaken to its core. Like many of you, I can still remember the feeling of horror when I woke up on June 24th to see that we had voted to leave the EU, and more recently that Donald Trump had been elected President. 

I believe that there has never been a greater need for an open, tolerant, and progressive movement in politics. I’ve decided to stand again for Parliament, so that I can fight for our city, our country, and our values. 

To be able to represent you better, I’d be really grateful if you could let me know what you think about some crucial issues - it will only take a few minutes.

Many thanks in advance,





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Julian's Survey

Julian's Survey

Let Julian know your views on the crucial issues, like Brexit or the NHS, that have changed our local area since 2016 so he can fight for Cambridge, for our country and our values.