Lib Dems repeat call for a Cambridge Living Wage

Lib Dem City Councillor and Parliamentary Candidate, Rod Cantrill has repeated his call for Cambridge to promote a Living Wage level which is specifically adjusted to the higher-than-average local cost of living in Cambridge.  His call comes with the announcement of the new Real Living Wage rates as part of the Real Living Wage week.  A Cambridge Living Wage would help address the high cost of living in the city that has continued to increase at unacceptable rates in the last few years.

Cllr Cantrill commented:

“For the majority of residents, particularly young people and families, the cost of living in Cambridge means that they struggle to make ends meet.

As Executive Councillor, I introduced the Real Living Wage into the City Council and started the process for the council to become an accredited employer with the Living Wage Foundation.  This step acted as a foundation stone for the council’s work on promoting the Real Living Wage in recent years.  But the cost of living, particularly in relation to housing has continued to increase, whilst wages have not kept pace for the majority of employees.

I moved a motion in council earlier this year calling on the council to look again at this important issue.  The Cambridge Living Wage would be higher than the Real Living Wage (that will be at £9 per hour for 2019) and would be linked to the London Living Wage (that will be £10.55 per hour for 2019).  The Cambridge Living Wage would be pegged at 95% of the London Living Wage and so in 2019 would be just over £10 per hour.

The Cambridge Living Wage would not be unique, Oxford, a city that has very similar cost of living pressures, has promoted the Oxford Living Wage for a number of years..”

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