Reverse parking charge

Local Lib Dems urge rethink over new P&R charge

Trumpington Lib Dems are urging the Conservatives to rethink their new Park and Ride parking charge following a huge fall in use.

With drivers looking to avoid the new charge, roads across Trumpington are clogging up with even more congestion and nuisance parking.

New charge: ‘complete failure’

Stagecoach are said to have lost 14% of business since the charge was first introduced as passengers abandon Park and Ride sites.

Lib Dem County Councillor Barbara Ashwood said: “The new charge has been a complete failure; it defeats the object of having Park and Ride sites in the first place!

“We should be doing all we can to encourage motorists to avoid driving into Cambridge.”

A local resident added: “We’ve noticed a real increase in cars parking in residential streets. This Conservative policy has completely back-fired; they’ve let Trumpington down.”

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