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Triangle/"Irregular Rhomboid" parking controls - update 2018-03-25


I’m writing to update you on the situation with proposals for parking controls in your streets.

As you’re aware Jamie Dalzell has supported me, Cllr Ian Manning, in two meetings I held recently.

The plans developed by your previous Labour Councillor, are generally regarded as unacceptable, and a number of suggestions came out of those meetings. Read more for what a refresh on what came out of the meetings and the next steps.


These plans were:  

Springfield Road to George Street

Chesterton Hall Crescent to Hawthorn Way

We are keen to progress plans more quickly, but the initial plans were understandably unacceptable for some areas and therefore we are now working to ensure that the scheme has a stronger foundation plan before going to formal consultation.

Jamie Dalzell writes:

Surveying to find out how many commuters are currently using the area

Ian has managed to get agreement between the County Council and the DVLA such that we can pass them a list of number plates and they will give the first four letters of the postcode of the owner – allowing us to know how many are residents and how many are commuters.

If you can help with this survey please contact Ian and I using the details above.

Having a ‘zone’ rather than marked bays

There was some hope this would mean that there wouldn’t be such a loss of parking along the narrower streets (like Herbert Street), if we could turn the street into a cul de sac. However, it would only be the bays that go, the 1.8m width requirement for a space to park is still there: once parking controls are in place, the Council takes liability for blockages of the road; hence they have to stop parking on the other side to ensure the road isn’t blocked.

I’ve suggested to Ian he investigates whether a residents scheme could be drawn up such that the contract moved this liability onto those using the scheme, in order to allow controlled parking both sides, and he’s following that up.

Getting some extra parking spaces on Chesterton Road

After checking, both sides of Chesterton Road are part of the DeFeville parking scheme – so any spaces would become part of that. The only option to alter that would be altering the DeFreville scheme which would require a full consultation with those residents.

Other options: a number of people asked about becoming part of the DeFreville scheme – this would require agreement from residents there.

We’re going to keep following all this up, but as we’re about to enter the election period, it’ll be harder for us to update you. I do hope I’ve shown that I’m dedicated to helping you find a solution that isn’t imposed on you, keeps you fully informed and hopefully gives you a real choice for improving the area – a vote for Jamie Dalzell in May is a vote towards getting the best available solution for everyone.

Tivoli plans sent back to the drawing board

Tivoli plans sent back to the drawing board

Unpopular plans to convert the Tivoli on Mitcham’s Corner, former cinema and pub, into luxury apartments overlooking the river have today been rejected by City Council planning officers.


Jamie Dalzell and Cheney Payne, pictured alongside the now derelict cinema with former City Mayor Ian Nimmo-Smith, who they have been working with to campaign for better plans.

Community groups from across the city objected to the proposals from J.D. Weatherspoons as they claimed that they failed to meet a number of local planning requirements.

Local Lib Dem campaigner Jamie Dalzell welcomed the decision, noting that: “following today’s decision, the Tivoli remains a fantastic opportunity for developing the North of the city. We hope now to see plans which reflect residents’ desire for more amenities in the area and which build on the growing success of locally owned businesses.”

The Lib Dem response to the planning application can be found here

Triangle/"Irregular Rhomboid" parking controls - update 2018-02-12

Parking Update – Public meetings



I wanted to make sure you are up to date on where we are with the proposals to bring in parking controls in the streets bordered by Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way. Hopefully you’ll recall we surveyed you about the plans that were to be imposed
on you.   Read on for the results and the dates of public meetings...

In your responses:

36 wanted workshops;
17 wanted the existing plans;
13 wanted no action.

There is a clear majority wanting workshops, and against doing the current plans. So we’ve organised two public meetings to work through options:

21st February, 1830, The Boathouse Pub function room

27th February, 1830, The Boathouse Pub function room

We’ll work through what options there are, what constraints there are and help you determine what you might want to happen.

We’re very aware that not everyone wants to meet in a pub for many reasons, but we’ve had trouble securing a room and wanted to arrange this meeting soon. Please do contact us if this is of concern – we’re happy to either arrange something for you or find another venue.

Corridors into Chesterton: A10 study response

On Thursday 8th February, the County Council's Economy and Environment Committee will consider a study into the future of the A10 corridor: item 7 on this agenda .  Along with fellow Lib Dem Councillors I've submitted a response to it.

In addition to the joint response I've stated that the corridor should include segregated cycleways.

It is vital to prioritise the provision of accessible, affordable, attractive, convenient and reliable public transport, with smart ticketing, to encourage modal shift and minimise congestion in the A10 corridor.

High quality mass public transport needs to be at the heart of thinking about the A10 corridor, for economic, health and wellbeing, and environmental reasons.

  • The popularity of the guided bus, whatever issues remain outstanding, is
    proof of concept that a reliable, accessible public transport system can
    achieve significant modal shift. An effective high quality public transport
    system with sufficient capacity and interchanges along the route is
  • Drivers are not keen to change to a different mode of transport once they
    have set out, unless it is significantly cheaper, more convenient and more
    attractive than to continue by car. It is important to enable travellers to
    start their public transport journey as close to home as possible.
  • For many residents, taking the bus to Cambridge is more expensive than
    taking the car. Public transport needs to be affordable, and ticketing
    needs to be smart and straightforward with cashless alternatives even for
    short journeys.
  • The growth of employment at locations including Lancaster Way business
    park, Ely leisure village and Waterbeach will require attractive public
    transport options for people travelling to work other than in Cambridge.
    Any proposal for the A10 corridor should maintain connectivity between villages
    east and west of the A10, including Chittering, Landbeach, Waterbeach and
    Milton, whilst inhibiting rat-running. The Stagecoach 9 bus service which
    currently serves these villages on its route between Ely and Cambridge has been
    reduced in recent months.

The exact route of the corridor will raise significant questions, including potentially the compulsory purchase of properties fronting the A10 between Chittering and the A14, or the selection of a different alignment across county farms between Landbeach and Cottenham. The choice of route could affect the Amey waste management site, the Cambridge Research Park, Car Dyke historic
monument and other significant features along the corridor.

County Council newsletter January 2018

The County Council produce a "members newsletter" once a month, and you can read it here:


This is written by officers (staff), so will present one side of any story, but I hope it is of some interest.

Highways works 16th - 31st December

Highways works planned until the end of the year affecting the wards in the north of the City include Green End Road and Highworth Avenue...

HIGHWORTH AVENUE CAMBRIDGE SOME C/W INCURSION 18-Dec-2017 20-Dec-2017 Vehicle Access Mead Construction

GREEN END ROAD CAMBRIDGE STOP/GO BOARDS 18-Dec-2017 19-Dec-2017 Installation of x6 speed cusions and Double yellow lines.

I've asked for more detail about the second planned work.


Stagecoach bus changes Jan 2018

Stagecoach have announced a number of changes to bus services across Cambridgeshire - table attached.

Cllr Manning - written questions to full council 2017-12-12

One of the rights Councillors have is to submit written questions to full Council requiring an answer.

I've (Cllr Manning) submitted two to the next full Council on topical matters.

How many legal cases has the County Council lost in the last three years against families claiming it should fund SEN when the County Council contested this?  What has been  the total cost of legal bills in each year?

This is based on a specific bit of casework I've assisted a constituent with.  I need to find out if this a major issue or an isolated one.

As of writing how many minor highways schemes (ie those funded in whole or part by the Local Highways Initiative or Third Party Funded) has CCC not received payment for yet?  How many have been completed?  Please break this down by the year of submission of the scheme and include data for at least the last three years.

I'm aware of several schemes that haven't been invoiced for several years.  I want to know how widespread this is.

Triangle/Irregular Rhomboid parking update 2017-11-28

A brief update from my survey work with residents of the "triangle" area (Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way, and streets inbetween).

At the time of writing the results look like this:
Inline images 1
Therefore I'm trying to organise some workshops asap, dates TBA.

Parking Charges Update - Success!

On Tuesday the County Council's Highways committee considered four parking issues (click on the link for the report):  

  • the ending of the parking charge at the Park & Ride sites
  • on-street parking charges
  • residents' parking scheme permit charges for both residents' permits and visitors' permits
  • a plan to develop more residents' parking schemes in the city

Up to this point Labour and Conservative Councillors had been pushing upping permit charges and pushing parking schemes, with Lib Dem Councillors more cautions on both fronts, and objecting in principle to the stratospheric 88% rise in visitor permits.

The ending of the P&R charge was agreed, which is very good news, as we have been campaigning against it within the Lib Dems since its introduction.

The on-street parking charges and residents' permits were agreed, but the 88% rise for visitors' permits has been referred back to officers for further work. The Conservatives and the Independent on the committee accepted the Lib Dem case that the rise was too high and that provision needed to be made to protect vulnerable/ elderly people.

So that is good news too: while we don't know what they will come back with, at least the massive price hike was not  voted through.

We will be seeking input into the process to come up with a new plan.

The extension plan for residents' parking schemes was agreed.

This means that nearly every area in Cambridge will be consulted on residents' parking over the next year or so, whether people in those areas have expressed interest or not! At present, the Council is consulting in four areas: Newnham, Accordia, Coleridge West and Victoria. Coleridge west was going to be in the first wave, but has been delayed following evidence of strong opposition amongst residents.

As readers will know we are very concerned about the Victoria scheme and will be arranging some workshops with residents soon.

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