Lib Dem Cambridge City Councillor Jamie Dalzell has sought to stop the ‘stealing' of the amenities that developers must fund in the proposed new development at North East Cambridge.
The development, which may provide for a population of over 15,000 people, will be built over coming decades in the brownfield space between Milton Road, the A14 and the railway line following the relocation of Anglian Water's waste water treatment plant. 
Jamie protested that the draft “Area Action Plan”, which sets out the ambition for the development, allows the lion share of developer funding for outdoor sports facilities and swimming to be spent elsewhere - not within the new development itself.
He pointed out that under the existing plan only 9% of what the council sets as a policy standard for outdoor sports facilities is destined to be provided within the new development and that a new swimming pool which would be 80% funded from the North East Cambridge development will be built in West Cambridge. 
He pointed out that surrounding parts of North Cambridge suffer from much worse mortality rates and health outcomes than Cambridge as a whole - especially in child obesity and premature death from preventable causes including circulatory disease. 
Unfortunately Labour refused to think again, and chose to plough ahead with the Area Action Plan despite the concerns raised by Jamie.
Jamie said: "There are limited things that a local authority can do about such a bleak picture, but one of the main ones is to ensure provision of means of playing sport and taking physical exercise right at the heart of the community. It is therefore surprising that Labour members have been so keen to look the other way while agreeing to a draft AAP which dodges one of the best of opportunities we are ever likely to get to achieve this.”
"In a development promoted with pride as a ‘5 minute community’ - having important amenities built into the neighbourhood to avoid the obstacle of travel, it is shocking that this excludes outdoor sports facilities and swimming.  It really feels as if the bonus that could come to North Cambridge from this development is about to be stolen from the people of North Cambridge. It is particularly suspicious because the city council is one of the developers and this issue bears upon land values. The purpose of this Area Action Plan is to set standards that developers have to face up to – and in this respect it looks like it is currently failing.”

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