Cllr Tim Bick, leader of the Opposition Lib Dems on Cambridge City Council made the following statement in response to the announcement from Marshalls today about their plan to move from their airfield on the edge of Cambridge and enable its development. The Lib Dems led the council at the time Marshalls launched a similar plan 15 years ago.

"This is thoroughly welcome news. 

"There was a false start on a similar move 10 years ago, when Marshalls were unable to find a suitable alternative site, despite support from the then Lib Dem administration on the city council. 


"Based on Cambridge’s continuing housing crisis Liberal Democrats have been campaigning recently to re-open this matter. Although the move of a longstanding employer prompts some sadness, it would be odd for the city to harbour a big airfield on its doorstep in perpetuity, whilst strangling itself with a big shortage of homes. Enabling this redevelopment is a major contribution that Marshalls will be making to the city and it is good news that they are doing this for their own future success and have the intention of still employing their staff in the vicinity of the city.


"The move opens up the opportunity to design a new city quarter of character with its own infrastructure and services - rather than simply a housing estate. There's the prospect of regeneration from which the whole east side of the city can benefit. Among the many decisions and challenges that lie ahead, our main fear is that now the city council is controlled by Labour, who vigorously opposed this move before, that Marshalls' plan will not be supported and encouraged as it should be for the long term future of the city.”


Contact - Cllr Tim Bick 07720 413173

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