‘Work with the police’ Lib Dems tell City Council

Following the recent public meeting about the relocation of the Police hub out of Cambridge to Milton,  Cllr Tim Bick, city centre ward councillor and City Council Lib Dem leader, said:

“Until last night, the Police hadn't gone further than talking about leaving a public information point in Cambridge City Centre. At their meeting, it seems they are now proposing a new Police Station. This is welcome news and we must hold them to it. In a very busy city centre there must be a place where people can go and find the Police, however well they may be patrolling the streets. 

"It is disappointing that the city centre side of the move of the hub out of the city is being treated as a bit of an afterthought, while their shiny new Police hub at Milton has been designed in every detail. 

“So the new Police Station in the city centre must now be specked out with urgency. As the Police have said they are willing to co-locate the new station with a partner like the city council, there is clearly scope for the council to help shape the whole concept. There would certainly be a lot for the public to gain from joined-up working to have the Police working physically side by side with the council’s own community safety and enforcement functions. 

“But this would require the Labour council leadership re-thinking its short-sighted rejection of working together with the Police to explore a shared location for the new City Centre Police Station. I hope they will move away from criticising and now seize that opportunity.”

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