Lib Dem plans will make Cambridge fairer - Cantrill


Liberal Democrat Candidate Rod Cantrill has underlined the impact of aspects of his party’s manifesto proposals in Cambridge.

“Stopping Brexit is my absolute priority, so we can tackle the big issues we face like the climate crisis and making Cambridge a fairer city.” 

“Our plan to massively expand free child care is very important in a place like Cambridge. Single and many two parent families are losing out because of the cost of childcare, leading to parents not going back into work and increasing dependence on benefits. This is doubly sad because in a city with near full-employment, jobs are widely available – and are often difficult to fill.”

The Liberal Democrats are offering 35 hours of free childcare from when a child is 9 months, where parents are in work, and for all children from age two.

Rod Cantrill also welcomed the independent assessment of all 3 parties’ manifestos by the Resolution Foundation, showing that the Liberal Democrats’ welfare proposals are the most progressive, with the poorest 10% of households almost 25% better off relative to today and the highest number of children taken out of poverty.

“In a city where many people struggle to make ends meet, our changes to the welfare safety net will have a vital impact. The party making the most noise about this turns out not to be the party with the best targeted practical proposals.    

“These Liberal Democrat commitments and others like investing in our NHS and schools can be funded because, by stopping Brexit, we will benefit from the £50bn remain bonus. Our funding plans have been judged credible and deliverable by the independent Institute of Fiscal Studies and our priorities speak for themselves.”

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