80% Affordable - Lib Dems Demand Pioneering Approach at Depot Site

City Lib Dems are pushing for 80% of new homes at the council-owned Mill Road depot site to be "affordable" and are also keen to pioneer a new living rent focused on tenants' income, not the market.

Housing Spokesperson Cllr Rod Cantrill is urging a bold approach in order to tackle Cambridge's chronic housing crisis.

That means doubling the normal 40% affordable homes target and setting rents at a third of tenants' income - an innovative model not yet adopted outside London.

Rod told us: "If we can't be bold and pioneering on a council-owned site like the Mill Road depot, where can we?

"The housing market in Cambridge is broken and requires huge ambition and guts to fix it.  This is a critical test for the Labour-run Council."

The Lib Dems' living rent scheme would see rent determined based on one third of the tenants' income, making it more affordable for low income workers to live in the city.

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