Philippa Slatter

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I am Philippa Slatter, I have lived in Trumpington since 1980, first in the ‘old’ village and now in one of the new streets which have been built around the old. I have found it a good place to live, work and make friends. We have three daughters, and I worked in a variety of paid and voluntary jobs while they were growing up. Two of them have come back to live in the village, so we have seven grandchildren at local schools or away at college, and I want to make sure that Trumpington is an even better place for them to grow up in. From 1996 to 2006 I served as a LibDem city councillor for Trumpington, combining this with work as a community nurse specialising in patients disabled by MS or spinal injuries, but stood down when the building began, as I wanted to have time for providing community activities which could grow with the village. I am now standing as a candidate for the County Council because there are a lot of issues that face our new neighbourhoods, and sometimes we can achieve more as elected representatives than as active citizens. My recent experience helping with the volunteer networks during the pandemic has made me even more convinced that services provided by good, democratic local government make a big difference in people’s lives, and can help people get together to help one another.

Nationally, Philippa is an active member of Humanists Uk and Dignity in Dying.

Locally, Philippa is part of the groups of residents who are busy planning summer events, who deliver the Trumpet magazine, who co-ordinate the Trumpington Volunteer Service and who are prospective plotholders on the Clay Farm Allotments.

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