A fresh start for a low traffic city

Reducing private traffic across the city is our best means of enabling access, transforming public transport services, reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and fairly re-allocating highway space to safer walking and cycling. Liberal Democrats have led on this, while other parties have failed to grasp the nettle of long-term change which the Greater Cambridge Partnership was created to bring about. Within the GCP we will press for:

  • Subsidising bus services to a level that provides a realistic alternative to the private car, through their route network, hours of operation, frequency and fares;
  • Introducing a financial disincentive to private car use at peak times, enabling bus reliability by reducing traffic and funding the bus subsidy;
  • Speeding adoption of low emission public transport vehicles through a Clean Air Zone;
  • Re-allocating highway space so that the public realm that can be more enjoyable, healthier for walking, cycling and community life and supportive of our heritage;
  • Completion the the Chisholm Trail and continued investment in purpose-designed cycleways;
  • Ensuring that bus infrastructure is capable of adaptation to subsequent public transport technologies as they become viable and available;
  • Fast delivery of the Cambridge South rail station and East-West Rail to be electrified.

 Under our leadership, the city council will pursue supportive policies:

  • For new development to be designed for active and public transport and fewer car trips;
  • For progressive re-purposing of city centre car parking sites and provision of more secure off-street cycle parking;
  • For partnering with the highways authority for expanded public charging facilities for electric vehicles and more car sharing provision.