A fresh start to eliminate Rough Sleeping

Rough sleeping remains the most visible reminder of this city’s housing crisis and the inequality it drives. Liberal Democrats would approach this issue with compassion: aiming to understand the conditions that have driven people onto the streets and the factors that perpetuate their struggle.

Liberal Democrats would:

  • Improve the city’s safety net so that every rough sleeper is offered shelter through the winter;
  • Support innovation and diversity in accommodation forms for rough sleepers, including hostels, Housing First, modular homes and council-sponsored private tenancies: we need to create flow through this system to enable people to continue moving off the streets;
  • Lead partner organisations such as the NHS and the police to create a multidisciplinary task force to provide focused support to the most entrenched rough sleepers, who often suffer with mental health problems and addiction;

Establish the Cambridge Rough Sleeping Charter to bind the city together in dealing with this critical issue.