A fresh start to governing our city

A unitary council would mean the two main levels of local government combining into one, potentially with responsibility for a wider area around the city which would include its concentrated travel-to-work area, where there is a logical community of interest and interdependence. It could simplify local government for everyone and make lines of accountability clearer. It would still require us to work closely with surrounding councils on shared strategies: but within our area it would bring together on the same table more of the tools needed for good, joined-up government.

Liberal Democrats running the council of today or of the future will maintain a default of openness and will want to preserve the online public accessibility of meetings that has been learned during the pandemic.

We will seek to restore more collaborative approaches with key partners, which have gone by the board under Labour, with its high-handed closure of open air essential shopping on the market, its high stakes confrontation endangering a phone mast on Jesus Green and its jeopardising of historic grazing on Cambridge’s commons.