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Abbey Lib Dems Campaign to Fix Tennis Court

The people of Abbey deserve a safe tennis court to play on. 

Abbey Lib Dems were approached by a group of young people who were worried about the state of the tennis court on Newmarket Road.  The local team are helping them to create a petition which they will be taking to East Area Committee later this summer. 


James, (aged 9), is one of the organisers of the group and he was particularly worried about the tennis courts, "The courts are really unsafe, and the lines are mostly missing, so it is really hard to play a real game on the court. I wanted to do this petition to see if we could get it fixed for all the people of Abbey". 

The Abbey Lib Dem team were happy to support these young people in this campaign. Nicky Shepard, local campaigner, said "This is what we are all about, local people working to make a difference in our local area, this group of kids are definitely an inspiration, in how much they want to improve their local area."

Please do consider signing our petition, here. 

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