English Heritage comes out in favour of Flying Pig

14 August, 2012 2 Comments

English Heritage has come out in favour of Cambridge’s Flying Pig pub after it was alerted to its plight...

Julian takes blindfolded walk through the city

14 August, 2012 1 Comment

MP Julian Huppert took a blindfolded walk through Cambridge yesterday (Monday, August 13) led by a guide dog. The walk...

Huppert fights to keep rail fares down

14 August, 2012 No Comments

MP Julian Huppert has called on the government to keep rail fares down as the latest inflation figures, on which...

Rail fares are too high

13 August, 2012 2 Comments

Since the last Government introduced above inflation rail fare rises in 2003, the story has been the same every year: higher prices for over-crowded services. Astonishingly, even now they’re in opposition, the Labour Party still want fares to go up by 1 per cent above inflation. Unsurprisingly, Conservatives like Osborne want to punish people even more with RPI+3% rises.
The Lib Dems and I want rail fares to come down in real terms – they should go up by no more than 1 per cent below inflation. Coalition is about compromise, so we agreed to an interim cap of RPI+1 for …

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Saffron Brasserie puts city on the map for Asian cuisine

9 August, 2012 No Comments

Cambridge’s Saffron Brasserie cooked up a storm for the judges of a national competition and put the city on...

MP takes blindfolded walk to support guide dog campaign

9 August, 2012 No Comments

MP Julian Huppert will be blindfolded and team up with a guide dog to discover the challenges facing blind...

MP takes a river cruise with the young crew of the Playboat

6 August, 2012 No Comments

MP Julian Huppert will take a river cruise on the Playboat on Wednesday (August 8) when he joins the...

Huppert calls on English Heritage to save Flying Pig

3 August, 2012 3 Comments

MP Julian Huppert has called on English Heritage to save Cambridge’s Flying Pig pub.  He hopes it might be able...

Now is the time for government to get further behind cycling

3 August, 2012 No Comments

In the last week alone by winning Olympic gold and through his victory in the Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins has single-handedly raised the profile of cycling in this country. Now our government needs to get further behind cycling and pump more money into our infrastructure and make safety improvements to promote our most efficient form of transport.
Cycling is a relatively safe, environmentally-friendly activity for all ages and thankfully serious accidents are low in relation to the millions of journeys taken by cyclists. But there is more we can do to give cyclists greater protection on our roads. That is …

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Julian celebrates residents group’s first anniversary

1 August, 2012 No Comments

Julian Huppert joined residents from Whitehill Close, Cambridge at the city’s Abbey Meadows School to celebrate the group’s first anniversary.