An update from your local ward team: September 2020

What is going on around the ward?

Castle Mound - Right of way likely to be accepted

It now looks likely the right of way leading up Castle Mound will be accepted thanks to representations given during the meeting where the decision was deferred leading to a re-examination of the evidence and further legal advice. The final decision will be made at a meeting of Suffolk’s Development and Regulation committee on the 21st October.


Histon Road Recreation Ground Improvements

Cycle parking and picnic benches will be added to Histon Road Recreation Ground thanks to an EIP bid from Cllr Chadwick that was awarded funding in March. Such facilities will offer more opportunities for residents to socialise outdoors whilst maintaining social distance.


Histon Road Aldi extension to delivery hours sent back for review

The Aldi on Histon Road recently applied for an extension of their delivery hours to 10pm, as well as an unlimited number of deliveries.  Cllr Payne challenged this through the planning process, and as a result the planning committee deferred this decision to seek further details about how many deliveries they are anticipating to increase to, and to consider stricter enforcement to ensure deliveries do not happen before 7am and engines are not left running.    


Storey’s Way Experimental Closure: First opportunity to give feedback!

You are probably aware that Storey’s Way is currently closed to through traffic as part of an experiment, allowed by the government to improve cycling and walking facilities during Covid-19. 

This closure will be in place for a maximum of 18 months, during which time it will be reviewed and either removed or made permanent depending on your feedback. 

An official consultation will begin on this experimental closure in November, giving all residents chance to have their say on whether they would like it to stay or go. 

As local councillors, we were not able to give input into this closure starting, but we do now have an opportunity to meet with the County Council officers to raise any initial issues or positive comments. 

Therefore, please do complete this initial survey to give your views on the closure so we can push for the right decision on keeping or removing this scheme going forward:

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