Anger at Busway lighting delay

The path alongside the Guided Buway has provided a valuable option for both pedestrains and cyclists since day one. As the housing on the southern fringe is completed, the Addenbrookes campus expands, and Cambridge Assessments new offices are built it will only become more important.

After long delays a plan to light the path came before a county council committee in June, but to our dismay a decision to proceed was deferred. Partly this was because costs exceeded earlier estimates, but in part it was because some committee members did not understand that developer's money could only be spent in the area affected by the developments.

The proposal returned to committee again in October. Trumpington's County Councillor, Barabara Ashwood, who is not on the committee, attended to speak in support. This time opposition was limited, and the project was given the go-ahead go ahead. However, partly because of the earlier deferment, the many people who walk or cycle this route regularly will endure another winter without lighting, or more likely, to seek other routes until Spring.

Lighting this route will enable many more people to use this route feeling confident that they are safe. It is now a vital artery for the south of the city. We will continue to keep up the pressure because even now it is not clear that the County really understands how important this issue is.

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