Stop street racing - Lib Dem Councillor calls for action

Bring agencies together to stop noisey street racing of cars and motorbikes around Cambridge: this is the plea from Lib Dem city councillor Olaf Hauk. Cllr Hauk, who represents Trumpington, has tabled a motion for this Thursday’s meeting of the council, calling on the council to bring together Police and Highways Authority to define a strategy to combat the problem.

Councillor Hauk says:

"These disturbances quite unnecessarily breach the peace and threatens other road users’ safety. Identical behaviour has been brought to city councillors right across the city and people feel completely powerless to get something done. It often happens at night when it has the most intrusive impact. It looks like it’s entirely conscious on the part of the perpetrators and done without consideration for anyone else apart from their own enjoyment. It seems obvious that regulations are being broken, at least for speed and noise - and maybe others too.

"I am aware that at least one London borough is deploying noise-activated cameras to help the Police deal with the problem. I don’t know whether this would be right here, but it’s surely reasonable to explore this kind of solution in discussing a plan for Cambridge.

"The city council has specific responsibilities for Environmental Health, the Police for illegal driving and the Highways Authority for the road system. We need a concerted plan to prevent the problem, both long and short term. For a city phenomenon, the city council is ideally placed to bring the relevant people together and create a focus on it and I hope colleagues will agree to do that."

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