Average age at South Area Committee plummets

The average age of attendees at South Area committee was markedly lower last week, as two groups of young people took part. The first was a group from the 27th Cambridge Scouts, who had come along to ask if a road crossing could be installed on the route from their headquarters in Cherry Hinton. One of the Scouts asked about this during the “Open Forum” saying that they had considered the different options, and had believed that a zebra crossing would provide the best approach.

The second group had come with their parents, to show their support for a planned scooter park at Accordia, which the committee agreed to fund last year. At first they were a little shy, but once the grown-ups had started the ball rolling they joined in. The committee confirmed its support for the plans that have been drawn up and we look forward to seeing the final feasibilty study in the New Year.

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