Community Woodlands

Only the Cambridge Lib Dems will Provide public access to woodland

Woodland areas inside the city are all too scarce. There are five of them across the city in council ownership - 1.7 hectares in total - which have either no, or limited public access. We’d like to see them opened to the public and to groups for educational purposes.

They are:

  • The Triangle area, near the Bramblefields Nature Reserve, East Chesterton
  • Walpole Road, Cherry Hinton
  • Highfields Avenue, West Chesterton
  • Cherry Hinton Hall, former bird sanctuary
  • The Spinney, Cherry Hinton

For this to be possible, there needs to be consultation on the way they can be made accessible and there must be a proper management plan developed to ensure the surroundings are sustainable. We’re proposing sufficient funds to provide new fencing, gates and surfacing as well as tree inspection and remedial works.

Lib Dem spokesperson on Open Spaces Cllr Ysanne Austin says: “These sites can provide a great opportunity to experience a woodland feel in an urban area. I am very keen on them as a resource for schools to offer a ‘Forest School’ approach to education.

Cherry Hinton community campaigner John Oakes says: “Three of these woodlands are in Cherry Hinton, and we need to see that they play their part in helping more city children learn about the world around us by being properly developed for class visits, experiments, and healthy outdoor enjoyment by all.”


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