Cambridgeshire Police worst in the country for inaccurate stop and search

MP Julian Huppert has criticised Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner after figures show the county’s force has the worst record in the country for stop and search.

Julian claimed Sir Graham Bright had failed to listen to Home Office advice after 98 per cent of the people stopped and searched by the Police in Cambridgeshire had in fact done nothing wrong.

“This is a colossal waste of police time and shows that our PCC has not been listening to clear advice from the Home Office” said Julian. “Just two per cent of those stopped and searched were arrested – most were found to be completely innocent. Every other police force has done better.

“Stopping people for no reason just worsens community relationships, especially since figures show that black people are much more likely to be stopped than white people.”

The figures were released as Home Secretary, Theresa May called for police stop and search powers to be overhauled with a revised code of conduct.

She said if the number of stop and searches failed to fall she would seek to change the law.

Julian said: “Our police force in Cambridge and across the county generally do a great job and it has a good record of crime detection and prevention.

“Stop and search powers are an important tool to keep our streets safe but it is clear that they are being vastly overused across the county. Sir Graham needs to look closely at the force’s policy on stop and search and how that relates to Home Office advice. I want our police to be freed up to stop crimes, not wasting their time in this way.”

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