Candidates 2021

Liberal Democrat candidates have been nominated for all 54 seats on both the city and county councils in Cambridge, as well as for the Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, for the elections on 6th May 2021.

Liberal Democrat candidates for the 2021 Cambridge Elections

Candidate for Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough: Aidan Van de Weyer

Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough: Rupert Moss-Eccardt


Rosy Ansell (County Candidate); Elizabeth Parkin, Sophie West and Zoe Zhang (City Candidates)


Fionna Tod (County Candidate); Rory Clark, Tim Ward and Hannah Whitehouse (City Candidates)


Alastair Gadney (County Candidate); Michael Franklin, Cheney Payne and Caroline Stoddart (City Candidates)

Cherry Hinton

Gillian Moore (County Candidate); James Hill, Archie McCann and Freddie Poser (City Candidates)

Chesterton (County division only)

Ian Manning (County Candidate)

Coleridge (City ward only)

Tim Brunton, Freddie Fisk and Peter McLaughlin (City Candidates)

East Chesterton (City ward only)

Michael Bond, Bob Illingworth and John Leighton (City Candidates)

King's Hedges

Richard Rathwell (County Candidate); Andy McKay, Joshan Palmer and Laurence van Someren (City Candidates)


Yemi Macaulay (County Candidate); Tim Bick, Anthony Martinelli and Katie Porrer (City Candidates)


Lucy Nethsingha (County and City Candidate); Markus Gehring and Josh Matthews (City Candidates)


Mark Argent (County Candidate); Judy Brunton, Emmanuel Carraud and Cosmo Lupton (City Candidates)

Queen Edith's 

Alex Beckett (County Candidate); Richard Eccles, Daniel Lee and Jennifer Page-Croft (City Candidates)


Sam Oliver (County Candidate); Friso de Graaf, Laura Ryan and John Walmesley (City Candidates)


Philippa Slatter (County Candidate); Alan Cox, Ingrid Flaubert and Olaf Hauk (City Candidates)

West Chesterton (City Ward only)

Jamie Dalzell, David Grace and Shahida Rahman (City Candidates)

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