Caroline Stoddart: Why we need a footpath strategy

Something which is raised regularly by residents from all different areas is the poor maintenance of many of our footpaths and cycle ways in Castle.  Where I live, I am constantly asking the Council to trim back the vegetation overhanging the pavement on Madingley Road, reporting potholes and have campaigned tirelessly for more rubbish bins and litter picking.  I am very proud to have campaigned to add two new bins to Madingley Road recently, when previously there were none at all between Queen’s Road and Eddington.

Picture1.jpgWhile there are bigger problems in the world than footpaths, as a community campaigner I have learned that the little things do matter, and it is clear they matter to you too.  Our uneven, overgrown footpaths and cycle ways make it more difficult for people to walk or cycle, and make some areas inaccessible for people who are disabled or unsteady on their feet.  Decent basic infrastructure can go a long way towards ensuring our city is inclusive to all, and encouraging people to leave the car at home. 

This is why I am calling for a proper footpath strategy.

Your feedback has shown that we need to prioritise the areas we need to fix, and challenge the relevant authorities to ensure they are delivering on their responsibilities for our footpaths and cycle ways.  Therefore, in order to ensure our councils do better for us all, I would like to ask you what your priority is when it comes to our footpaths and cycle routes, and what are the first actions you think the councils should be taking to improve these.  I will be asking the City Council to take the actions within their powers at the October full Council, and will continue to work with you and my colleague Cllr Payne to ensure the basics in our area are taken care of properly.

I would welcome your views on which footpaths need attention first, and which issues affect you most here:

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