How can we improve our cycle routes?

Climate change is without doubt the most critical and urgent issue facing our generation.  In Cambridge, we need ambitious, strategic thinking to tackle climate change.  As local councillors, it can feel frustrating that the national government, and the many layers of local bodies and organisations in Cambridge, can make it very difficult to bring about the rapid change we need.

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Castle Lib Dems celebrate as Castle Mound public access is officially put on the map

Castle Mound represents the heart of the city’s “town” history.  Cambridge Castle was originally built after the Norman conquest, and over the centuries has served as part of the site of a Roman town, a fortification during the English Civil War, the county goal and, most recently, the home of Cambridgeshire County Council.

Since the Conservative Councillors decided to move the County Council headquarters to Alconbury Weald in 2018, there has been huge uncertainty over the future of Castle Mound.  With Shire Hall set to be turned into a new hotel, people across the city feared that this would lead to the developers stopping public use of the Mound.

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Caroline Stoddart: Why we need a footpath strategy

Something which is raised regularly by residents from all different areas is the poor maintenance of many of our footpaths and cycle ways in Castle.  Where I live, I am constantly asking the Council to trim back the vegetation overhanging the pavement on Madingley Road, reporting potholes and have campaigned tirelessly for more rubbish bins and litter picking.  I am very proud to have campaigned to add two new bins to Madingley Road recently, when previously there were none at all between Queen’s Road and Eddington.

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Update from Cllr Cheney Payne

Castle ward Lib Dems believe in working hard for you all year round.  Here is what we have been doing over the last few months.  If you have local issues or concerns you would like to raise with us, please contact [email protected]

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Caroline Stoddart: Putting community first in Castle

Castle ward is currently at the forefront of the city's plans for expansion, with new development at Eddington, Darwin Green and NIAB changing the face of our local community.  


Local campaigner Caroline Stoddart has 40 years of connection to Castle ward, and shares her thoughts on how we manage this development responsibly and with integrity.

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An update from your local ward team: September 2020

What is going on around the ward?

Castle Mound - Right of way likely to be accepted

It now looks likely the right of way leading up Castle Mound will be accepted thanks to representations given during the meeting where the decision was deferred leading to a re-examination of the evidence and further legal advice. The final decision will be made at a meeting of Suffolk’s Development and Regulation committee on the 21st October.


Histon Road Recreation Ground Improvements

Cycle parking and picnic benches will be added to Histon Road Recreation Ground thanks to an EIP bid from Cllr Chadwick that was awarded funding in March. Such facilities will offer more opportunities for residents to socialise outdoors whilst maintaining social distance.


Histon Road Aldi extension to delivery hours sent back for review

The Aldi on Histon Road recently applied for an extension of their delivery hours to 10pm, as well as an unlimited number of deliveries.  Cllr Payne challenged this through the planning process, and as a result the planning committee deferred this decision to seek further details about how many deliveries they are anticipating to increase to, and to consider stricter enforcement to ensure deliveries do not happen before 7am and engines are not left running.    

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Castle News: Update from your Lib Dem City Councillors

Information from your Lib Dem City Councillors – July 2020

We hope you are all well and safe. Given the Covid-19 restrictions, we have not been able to speak to you or update you as much as we would have liked over the last few months, so please forgive the density of this update!

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New Councillor champions safety at night in Cambridge


New councillor, Cheney Payne is calling out the Labour run Council for being complacent on the safety of people in the city at night after Labour councillors said the council is already doing enough to promote safety in the evening in the city.key_CP_Ask_for_Angela.jpg

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"Thundering trucks" Update

The works on the A14 have lead to Huntingdon Road being used as a diversion route for HGV's throughout the night.  Histon Road is also being used incorrectly by many HGV drivers, as it is not part of the approved route.  This is causing huge disturbance to residents at night.



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Trees on Eachard Road (hopefully!)

Residents have approached us to request that trees be planted along the verges on Eachard Road, to match those on Woodlark. 

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