Cheney & Greg seek improvements for Huntingdon Road zebra crossing

Local Councillors Cheney and Greg are working to improve our area through the Local Highways Improvement Programme and Environmental Improvement Programme.

These schemes allow City Councillors to make small changes to their areas to improve the safety of highways and the quality of the local environment.


Greg and Cheney will be submitting bids to improve safety around the zebra crossing at the end of Oxford Road.  This is in response to concerns raised by residents that it is confusing for all road users.  We will be contacting residents once the bid is submitted to seek their support and ideas for what would improve the crossing, as well as consulting with County Council officers.

They will also use the Environmental Improvement Programme to seek to add a better supply of benches to the area, including on Histon Road recreation ground, and outside the co op, as well as improved street lighting on Sherlock Road.

Further bids will include seeking to prevent obstructive parking on Conduit Head road, as well as resurfacing some areas of Huntingdon Road to minimise the impact of vibrations from the HGV traffic. 

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