Chesterton Local highways bids longlist of ideas

An update on : read on for the long list of suggested ideas, along with my criteria for deciding which five will go forward to the next stage.



Principles I use in decided which five bids to go forward

There are no formal rules, so I use three overarching principles in deciding which five bids go forward:

Likelihood of getting funding: based on previous years bids, which tend to bias towards recurrent problems and clear safety issues.

Variety of types of schemes: ie I'd like a mix of walking, cycling and driving improvements.

Geographical spread: ie I don't want one area of Chesterton Division getting all the bids, taking into account the previous two.

As you can see below there are more suggestions that I am allowed to go through - and there are many others that would be no where near the budget - so I'm very conscious I will have to disappoint some people who have put things forward - hence trying to be as open as possible about the process.

The longlist suggested this year

Location/Idea Comments
Double yellow lines, Frank's Lane cut-through Will help discourage problem parking blocking this well used cut through.
Enforcement will not be constant in this area.
Herbert Street reconfiguration of double yellows Removal of some and increase in others so no net loss of parking.
End of road very narrow, residents cars constantly damaged by delivery vehicles.
Herbert Street to Ferry Path crossing Tidy up of cycle path and extension of double yellows to prevent parking in cycle lane. Narrowing of Chesterton Road to slow traffic down or traffic island in the middle to make crossing easier.
Can be linked with previous bid?
Fallowfield traffic calming

Various ideas like narrowing road or possibly blocking the road at another point.
Little consensus on what needs doing, and low response to recent survey.

Narrow Scotland Road/Union Lane junction

Intention to slow traffic down here.
Potentially could be funded from Active Travel funding rather than LHI.

Strong bollards on pavement, Fen Road - parking area to Izaak Walton Way

Budget would not stretch to the whole of Fen Road so there is a question as to which bits would have bollards added. Pavement probably too narrow to install in most places.

A sinusoidal speed bump, Fen Road

DfT analysis in areas these have been installed (eg Lambeth) shows minimal benefit over standard speed bumps, and a higher cost.

Would only be able to add one extra one with the budget.

Chestnut Grove entrance, double yellow lines

Visitors to local shops regularly block the road here blocking in residents.
These would eventually be added in a planned residents parking scheme.

Extending of double yellow lines at junctions in Hurst Park estate

These were put in recently so if a mistake could be corrected under a maintenance budget rather than an LHI - will follow up outside the LHI programme.

Edinburgh Road traffic calming

No identified consensus solution

From previous years which didn't get funding:

Location/Idea  Comment  
Street light replacements:2 on Orchard park, 1 in Lent's Way, 1 in Fallowfield   Bid wasn't successful last year.  
 Reduce cycle/pedestrian conflict, Moss Bank superseded by bollard Cllr Manning had installed?   
Riverside bridge conflict reduction

Bid wasn't successful last year. 

Hurst park avenue/Milton Road box junction

Wasn't successful last year, will be dealt with by the Milton Road project



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