Chesterton Local highways bids 2019

This year the local highways process is slightly different, in that a cap of 5 bids per division has been placed.  The local County Councillor, me in the Chesterton case, has to rank the top five to go to the next stage of the process.  Read on to find out what bids have come in for Chesterton.

Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign device for Fen Road

Add 2 streetlights on Orchard Avenue

Improved signage for Camb North Station

Improve pavement at junction of Moss Bank & station path to improve safety for pedestrians

3 streetlights Orchard Av, Fallowfield, and Cam Causeway

Hurst Park Avenue box junction - to help access out when Milton Road is congested

Raise the mini-roundabout on Water Lane

Elizabeth Way dropped kerb onto Montague road - to encourage cyclists off of the pavement

Bollards at the end of Arbury Road where it meets Milton Road to prevent pavement parking

Riverside Bollards to prevent cars overhanding the pedestrian/cycle path here

Removal of rails at the cycle/pedestrian path on Elizabeth Way near the Chesterton Road roundabout

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