Chesterton Local highways bids 2020

Local Highways bids - invitation for ideas.
Every year the County Council has a scheme for small scale improvements/changes in the Highway (roads/pavements). As County Councillors we are charged with coming up with a maximum of five bids for consideration per division.
The programme was delayed this year due to Covid-19, but now has a deadline for those 5 bids of *****27th September.*****
This is one of many places where I'm inviting ideas - so I cannot promise everything here will reach those final five, or that any of them will.
Of those put forward any number of them (or none) may get past a further panel stage.
I am also running a virtual drop in meeting Tuesday 22nd, 7pm, link here.
Thus far I've three proposals that have come out of suggestions late for last year, or over the last few months:
Double Yellows, Franks Lane Cut-through
Extend Double yellows, Herbert Street
Fallowfield traffic calming.
There are also four from last year which DIDN'T receive funding:
Street light replacements (2 orchard road, 1 in lents way, 1 in fallowfield)
Reduce cycle/pedestrian conflictt, Moss Bank
Riverside bridge conflict reduction
Hurst Park Avenue box junction
The mini round about bid did receive funding and is currently being programmed in.
I should note that I'm responsible for the Chesterton *Division* which covers parts of the East Chesterton and West Chesterton City Council wards - I'll attempt to redirect people as appropriate.

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