Chesterton Local highways bids - five progressed


As noted in a previous blog post I had to select five top bids to progress to the next stage of the LHI process.  I'm going to explain which ones I've selected, and some reasons for those as well as the ones I didn't progress.

Progressing to next stage

Bid Title Detail Comments
Streetlights (2 orchard, 1 lents way, 1 Fallowfield) Combination of two bids - one from another Councillor and one from me (Ian Manning).  Remove one light from mine in order that both bids could go through as one (with one less light on the second). The previous County Councillor for West Chesterton had let all lights be removed from Orchard Avenue, and the two other requests (Fallowfield and Lent's Way) came from residents concerned about particular areas.
Reduce cycle/pedestrian conflictt, Moss Bank Carry on pavement from end of moss bank into path to station. Re arrange bollards so cyclists are encouraged to use road and pedestrians pavement. This is an area that will only become busier and more congested as the Chisholm Trail is finished.
Mini roundabout Water Lane Raise roundabout in order to slow traffic down I've no doubt this will be expensive, but it was a resident suggestion that was extremely popular.
Riverside bridge conflict reduction Prevent cars overhanding car parking area on Chesterton side of path to bridge.  Potential rearrangement of bollard to reduce conflict. Suggestion from Cambridge Cycle Campaign which I've had as an LHI in previous years.
Hurst Park Avenue box junction Currently very difficult and dangerous for cars to get out at peak times. Note - this will be redundant if the City Deal Milton Road proposals will go through, but this currently isn't certain, and may take around 2 years.

Not progressing

Bid title Detail Comments
Mobile vehicle activated speed sign   I've been told by officers they plan to pool these across Cambridge City, and are currently at capacity.  On that basis, that we will be able to get one at points, I didn't see a need to use a bid on a specific one.
Improved signage for Cambridge North station   Officers believe a budget has been identified for this outside the LHI process.
Grumpy's corner bollard Stop motor traffic from cutting the corner near the corner shop. Again, an alternative route has been identified.
Bollards outside shops on Arbury Road at the junction with Milton Road Intention was to help with preventing pavement parking in this area. This came from a Labour Cllr who'd failed to talk to any of the businesses about this - on top of this, some of the pavement isn't County owned, so potentially the Council could be blocking access to private land.
Dropped kerb, Elizabeth Way Make cycle route tom Humberstone Road from East Chesterton more easy and convenient, take cyclists away from pavement. I don't believe this is as urgent or busy a route as the bid I have progressed, and do not believe it as much of a local priority as  the other bids.

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