Chesterton Triangle, Ascham & Hurst Park area: parking update

This is an update on seperate proposed or to be implemented parking schemes covering the following areas:

Chesterton Triangle (Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way and those streets inbetween (ie Herbert, George, Chesterton Hall Crescent)

Ascham area

Hurst Park area (Hurst Park Avenue, Highfield, Orchard, Leys Road & Avenue, Arbury Road (lower half), Mulberry Close & Highworth Avenue)

I've also included links to the history, please hit Read More... 

In order to make this easier to read, I'm including brief summaries first - with more detail lower down.

Chesterton Triangle: 

I surveyed residents (results here) and the clear majority was for the "Herbert Street fix" plan (avoiding loosing  more than ~30 spaces from that street), and joining with the Ascham Road scheme. 

This is complicated because Labour Cllrs pressed forward with that scheme, and this has to be implemented first, and residents of that scheme can now say no to joing the schemes together.  We have agreed with Labour Cllrs that Ascham will be asked, but the County have insited it is implemented first, which was exactly why I and other Liberal Democrats suggested it wasn't pushed through - see note below under "Ascham Area".

I have got support, in the form of a formal letter, from the Fire Service for a version of the Herbert Street fix - the County Council parking policy specificially allows for variance of minimum road widths if the FIre Service supports.  This went to the Chair of the County Council Highways & Community Infrastructure committee to approve.

Currently I am communicating with him, some residents, and officers to clear up mis understandings about what is proposed and hopefully allow for the Herbert Street fix to become a reality.

Hurst Park Area:

Again, I did a detailed survey of residents thoughts in light of Labour pushing Ascham ahead.  The result (see link) is that I will be running workshops after May 2nd to help residents make a decision about what to do.

Ascham Area & Victoria Park

As noted above, Labour Cllrs decided to push these through the relevant committee, CJAC, in November 2018, with Labour's Cllr Seargant giving lip service to those objecting from both Ascham & Chesterton Triangle with the following "steer" ( a non binding note from the committee) 

While supporting the approval and implementation of the Ascham scheme, if Ascham residents agree and the local councillors for Elizabeth work speedily to get residents’ backing, we would strongly support the incorporation of Elizabeth in to the Ascham Resident Parking Scheme.

Multiple residents spoke against (see the minutes here ) - Labour cllrs hadn't gone to the lengths Liberal Democrats had to find solutions like getting the Fire Service support.


After my (Cllr Ian Manning) 2017 election win and the County boundaries changing to make the Chesterton County Division take in the areas around mitcham's corner. Labour Councillor Jocelynne Scutt was developing proposals up until May 2017 when she stood in Arbury.

When I took over, the officers and Scutt had cooked up a plan to join Hurst park with Chesterton Triangle (see area definitions below) together, but essentially hadn't really asked Hurst Park. I consulted over the detail and found that Hurst Park were clearly unaware and would oppose, so paused this idea:

Both Labour Cllrs RIchards and Scutt insisted on pushing ahead however, resulting in the detail above.

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