Chesterton Triangle parking

Cllr Damien  Tunnacliffe has been working to get residents parking around the 'Triangle' area (the set of roads bounded by Chesterton Road and Milton Road, from Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way) for a while.

We've finally managed to get traction and are being asked to approve for public consultation a set of plans.  Please take a look at let us have comments asap - we need to give the go ahead to consult by 12th September.

Note:  I've proposed allowing some extra parking along Chesterton  Road, but officers are concerned this isn't allowed 'because' it is part of Cambridgeshire's "High and Wide (Abnormal Load) route".  I'm following up with them why this is.

In order to allow the scheme, you'll note it has been expanded into the area North of Milton Road.




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