Chesterton Triangle parking - survey results and update 2019-02-16

This is an update on where we are with resident parking plans for the Chesterton Triangle area, and the idea of a possible merger with the Ascham area.

First, after delivering 300+ letters on Saturday, I'm pleased to say that roughly a third of properties responded (the less said about the person that stormed out their house and shouted me me the better!).  I've put all the results below, as of writing (2019-02-16 19:24) - noting that the cut off I gave was Sunday evening, but only a handful of responses came in after that, so made no difference to my actions/negotiations this week.

The headlines are as follows:

  • I've contined communicating/meeting with officers at multiple levels at the County Council, City Council and Fire Authority to realise the 'Herbert Street fix' plan.  It's apparent that the number of spaces that will be lost will be between 9-12 if the plan comes to fruition.
  • Ownership of the patch of land at the Springfield/Mitcham's Corner junction is, via a series of historial quirks, with Highways England (this is the national highways body, ie not the County Council) and I'm now trying to trace someone there who I might be able to speak to about it.
  • Legal dicussions continue about when the Ascham zone needs to be consulted (and if) about the join up - but I've given the go ahead to ask in principle.
  • We will put pressure on the City Deal/Greater Cambridge PartnerShip for flexibility on the changes it will make that will affect all these schemes.





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