Choices - west chesterton parking update

An update you on progress on parking schemes in West Chesterton;  this covers: 

  • the Hurst Park Area (Hurst Park Avenue, Highfield, Orchard, Leys Road & Avenue, Arbury Road, Mulberry Close & Highworth Avenue) - in the County Chesterton division so under County Councillor Ian Manning's remit
  • the "Chesterton Triangle" (Springfield Road to Hawthorn Way and those streets inbetween (ie Herbert, George, Chesterton Hall Crescent) - in the County Chesterton division so under County Councillor Ian Manning's remit
  • The Ascham area - outside the County Chesterton division
  • The Victoria road area  - outside the County Chesterton division

The latter two were subject to decisions to go ahead with schemes we do not believe are adequate at the CJAC meeting of 2018-11-27.


For the history of these areas, please see earlier posts, that I've linked at the bottom of this artucle.  The key thing that has 'changed' is that a parking control scheme IS going ahead in the Ascham area.

Chesterton Triangle

A decision needs to be made by 2019-02-11 as to whether any form of scheme covering the Triangle asks to join with the Ascham Road scheme.

A meeting will be held on 2019-02-08, at the Boathouse function room, from 1830, with a follow up survey that weekend to help me (Ian Manning) make a decision on whether to go ahead to the next formal stage or not.

The most problematic issue with the Triangle scheme is the loss of a large number of parking spaces on Herbert Street, due to the road widths. I'm currently in discussion with various agencies to try to get this relaxed.

Hurst Park 'estate'

The survey results were as follows by the deadline:

1.  Results of question “Do you want to consider controls now Ascham et al are going ahead”?

Online – 17 yes, 7 no, don’t know - 1
First offline batch - 4 yes, 1 no, don’t know 2
Second offline batch – 6 yes, 6 no, 2 don’t know

Totals = 27 yes, 14 no, 5 don’t know

2.  Locations of responses

Leys Av – 9;  Leys road – 6;  Orchard Av – 7;  Hurst Park Av – 12;  Highfield Av – 7;  Highworth – 3;  Mulberry close - 1;  Ambiguous – 1;

The two meetings I held were poorly attended (7 at the first, 2 at the second).  Overall the number of responses was low. Given the question was an "in principle" one, and there are new residents potentially unaware of the limitations of a scheme, I don't feel this was enough to go ahead with Hurst Park being a part of a combined Ascham/Hurst Park/Triangle scheme, but will do futher detailed follow up with Hurst Park on developing their own scheme now.

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