City could get more powers from Government Huppert told

Julian_Huppert_(Stock_Photo)_2012.jpgCambridge could get more powers to make its own decisions rather than top down rule from Government, MP Julian Huppert has been told.

The news came from Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg as Julian told Parliament that the powers and funding granted in the Greater Cambridge City Deal would “make a huge difference for transport and housing needs”.

Julian said that with more devolution of powers to Cambridge “we could do better – not just for ourselves, but in terms of our contribution to the rest of the economy”.


He asked the Government to “look very carefully at what other powers could be given”.

Mr Clegg said: “I think it is a good thing that there is now such ambition to build on that City Deal and go further.” And he added that the government is keen to push it further.

Later Julian said: “The City Deal helps us to improve our transport infrastructure and develop much-needed  housing. This will make a huge difference to Cambridge and the Greater Cambridge area; but I want to see the government go further. We are best placed to make the decisions for our residents, not the government.


“Cambridge is growing fast and contributing greatly to the national economy. The City Deal is a great starting point for the future but there is so much more we can do if we don’t have to wait for government to rubber stamp our decisions or hand back money generated here. I have been pressing the relevant Ministers hard on this, and I hope we will get some good news shortly.”

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