City Council Budget

Cllr Tim Bick

A question of priorities

Liberal Democrats are offering some clear choices in deciding the next City Council budget:

Cutbacks in funding for keeping our streets and open spaces clean OR targeted service improvements which help the city keep up with its growth and wear and tear?

Abandoning the upgrade of shameful public toilets, as Labour have, OR take urgent action to maintain and modernise them?

Continuing Labour’s investment in commercial properties outside Cambridge OR buy up homes to let for key public sector workers at Living Rents linked to pay?

Waiting till long term changes start to improve the city’s air quality, as Labour say, OR do what we can do to cut air pollution now?

Charging for the elderly and disabled to use Shopmobility, as Labour plan, reducing usage by 20% OR try harder to fund it from business sponsorship

Lib Dem Group leader Cllr Tim Bick says: “On these choices and others, it boils down to a question of priorities, for Cambridge is not a poor council. Labour in power are not as they want us to believe when they are out of power. They are constantly missing opportunities for Cambridge and Cambridge people. It is the Lib Dems who are pointing the way.”

The City Council budget will be decided on 22 February.

Read about some of our our proposals:

The full Liberal Democrat budget proposals can be seen here
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