City Lib Dems celebrate great night at the polls

Liberal Democrats in Cambridge are celebrating after a great night.  With four new councillors and an increased share of the vote, Cambridge Lib Dems are determined to keep working for a city that delivers for all its residents.

Following last night’s local election results in Cambridge, Liberal Democrat group leader on Cambridge City Council Cllr Tim Bick said:

“This was a great night for the Lib Dems in Cambridge. We increased our vote share across the city and came out of the election with more councillors.

“In Katie Porrer, Greg Chadwick, Dan Summerbell and Peter Lord we are also bringing 4 wholly new councillors into the life of the city, each from different walks of life and adding diversity and depth to the council as a whole.

“On the doorstep we found many people disillusioned with politics as normal, which just isn’t delivering for them - and Brexit was frequently mentioned. There is a feeling of massive letdown in a strongly Remain city that the Labour Party are now aiding and abetting Brexit and continue to sit on the fence about a People’s Vote. As the party who first saw that a People’s Vote on the terms of a deal would be necessary, LDs will take that argument into the upcoming Euro elections.

“Today’s election has strengthened the Lib Dem base in Cambridge, with many of our councillors winning increased majorities. Next year when all the seats on the council are up for election we aim to broaden that base across the city and take the challenge to Labour.”

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