Civil Rights in the Digital Age

We face an enormous challenge in today's world: How to protect people's civil rights in the digital age.

The Liberal Democrats are working from the front line pushing for the development of Policy.  Previous MP to Cambridge, Julian Huppert was influential after Edward Snowden revealed that intelligence services were collecting citizens' data on a mass scale, calling for a fundamental review of our surveillance laws.

He led a debate on this topic in Parliament - the only one to date. I am very pleased that my party and I secured a review of the surveillance framework by the end of 2015, giving us a crucial opportunity to protect people's privacy online.

As well as this, the Liberal Democrats blocked Theresa May's Draft Communications Data Bill (also known as the 'Snooper's Charter'). This would have given the Home Secretary sweeping powers to retain intrusive information about all of us, including every website we go to and everything we may do on Facebook or other online providers.

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