Lib Dems call for greater ambition in tackling the Climate Crisis

Cambridge City Council has launched a public consultation to inform its new Climate Change Strategy - a step that Cambridge Liberal Democrats welcome, whilst also calling for the council to stretch its ambition. (Pictured: Lib Dem climate lead Cllr Josh Matthews).

Responding to the launch of the consultation, Liberal Democrat spokesperson Cllr Josh Matthews said:

"This public consultation exercise is welcome. The council needs to really stretch its ambition in tackling climate change and I have no doubt this is exactly what the consultation will show. A laser-like focus on the existential climate crisis is what people are demanding from their leaders, both locally and nationally, as we all realise that the only viable recovery from the pandemic is a 'green recovery'.

"Liberal Democrats controlling the city council established its first climate change strategy in 2008, and much incremental progress has been made since. But, this isn't a time to sit back and congratulate ourselves: we’re seeing the consequences of climate change worldwide and on our own doorstep—and the clock is ticking to the point of no return. Much more is required.

"We initiated the declaration of a climate emergency last year - but we have yet to see genuine change in the culture and actions of the current council leadership."

To complete the consultation survey, residents should go to

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