Cllr Manning - written questions to full council 2017-12-12

One of the rights Councillors have is to submit written questions to full Council requiring an answer.

I've (Cllr Manning) submitted two to the next full Council on topical matters.

How many legal cases has the County Council lost in the last three years against families claiming it should fund SEN when the County Council contested this?  What has been  the total cost of legal bills in each year?

This is based on a specific bit of casework I've assisted a constituent with.  I need to find out if this a major issue or an isolated one.

As of writing how many minor highways schemes (ie those funded in whole or part by the Local Highways Initiative or Third Party Funded) has CCC not received payment for yet?  How many have been completed?  Please break this down by the year of submission of the scheme and include data for at least the last three years.

I'm aware of several schemes that haven't been invoiced for several years.  I want to know how widespread this is.

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