County Council boundary changes

Over the last few months, the Boundary Commission has been reviewing the boundaries for the wards in Cambridgeshire. A few weeks ago, the commission produced their final recommendations, which can be seen here.

As you can see, the Coleridge ward no longer exists. The Boundary Commission wanted to reduce the number of wards on the County Council, and Coleridge is one of the wards removed.

Note, however, that these are only the wards for the County Council - the City Council wards are unchanged. The City Council elections this year, and in 2018 and subsequent years, will use the existing boundaries. These new boundaries are only used for the County elections in 2017, 2021, and every 4 years after that. However, it is likely that the City ward boundaries will be changed to match the County boundaries in the next few years.

So the Coleridge ward area has been divided up between Romsey, Cherry Hinton, and Queen Edith's as follows:

Romsey - roughly the area north of Cherry Hinton Road and west of Perne Road, not including the roads around Lichfield Road and Langham Road, Gisborne Road, and Perne Avenue

Cherry Hinton - the area east of Perne Road, including Perne Road itself, and Langham Road, Gisborne Road, and Perne Avenue.

Trumpington & Queen Edith's - Hills Road, Homerton Street, Lichfield Road and the roads around it, and Cherry Hinton Road west of the Perne Road junction.

The full report from the Boundary Commission, which gives the reasoning behind the changes, can be found here.

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