Councillors call on Labour to find a residents' parking solution that works for all

The formal consultation about the proposed Benson North has now ended.  55% of respondents to the consultation were in favour of residents’ parking proposals, so the County Council has a mandate to continue to implement them.

The statutory consultation is the final stage before the scheme is implemented, and this will be open until 27th August.  The scheme will then be taken to the Cambridge City Joint Area Committee in October.  Cheney sits on this Committee, so will be in touch when the agenda is published to ensure residents who wish to speak can do so.

While some areas of the scheme are hugely to be welcomed, we still have concerns about some areas of the scheme. 

St Christopher’s Avenue in particular have repeatedly requested not to be included in the scheme, but their responses, including an informal consultation, have been completely ignored by our Labour County Councillor.  We are also concerned about the lack of parking available for Eachard/Hoadly/Sherlock/Woodlark Road under the new design.  We are also still calling for a clearer plan for parking around St Augustine’s Church, which means that those who come from further afield to attend community events there can continue to do so, without jeopardising the parking available to Nursery Walk. 

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