My campaigning CV

Julian Huppert

I came to Cambridge when I was three months old, went to school here and have lived here ever since. I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, did a PhD, and worked as a research scientist.

I was first elected as a local councillor in Cambridge in 2001 and as the MP for Cambridge in 2010.


Standing up for our NHS

I’ve always been passionate about our NHS, especially mental health. I was a volunteer ambulance crew member for St John Ambulance, and have spent the last two years working part-time to help run our local NHS.

I successfully won more money for local health services - and managed to secure the cash needed for Papworth Hospital to move to Cambridge.

Fairer funding for our children

Cambridgeshire schools have been underfunded for many decades - governments thought it was fair that a child in Cambridge was worth £600 a year less than the English average. I campaigned against this for 15 years, and won an extra £23.2 million a year for local schools - but this is now at risk.

Our schools deserve fair funding, so no teacher or teaching assistant has to lose their job, and our children don’t miss out.

Securing funding for crucial public transport schemes

When I started campaigning for the Cambridge North Station in 2001, I was told it could never happen. I’m delighted that I proved the doubters wrong. We now need to ensure enough trains run through Cambridge North, and get another station at Addenbrooke’s.

I also played a key role in delivering funding for vital pedestrian and cycle improvements, such as the Chisholm Trail route that closely follows the railway line.

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Fairer funding formula for our schools

I will continue my fight to secure local schools and colleges the money they need to teach our children properly - and work to value our teachers properly and end over-testing of pupils.

£6 billion more each year for our NHS and social care

The NHS is in crisis - I’ve seen it from the inside. 1p on income tax will provide the NHS with the money it needs, and £1 billion a year for mental health will mean huge improvements.

Tackle Cambridge’s housing crisis

We desperately need more homes that people can afford to live in. I will work to provide more council and social houses, and support people who are renting.

Improve our transport system

We need strong action to stop our city clogging up with congestion. The City Deal is wasting countless opportunities to really make a difference and instead infuriates residents with its plans to destroy parts of our city and environment - we can and must do better.

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2016-2017: Founding Director, IF, Jesus College

I ran a new centre, working on the big issues society faces - the future of work, ageing, climate change, and trust in technology and democracy.

2015-2016: Lecturer in public policy, University of Cambridge

2010-2015: Member of Parliament for Cambridge

I spent five years working hard to represent our city’s interests. I helped with over 30,000 individual pieces of casework. I was a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, championing civil liberties.

2001-2009: County Councillor for East Chesterton (Cambridge)

2005-2010: Research scientist, University of Cambridge

2003-2005: CEO, Cambridge Laboratory Innovations Ltd

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I’ve always loved cycling and hiking, and in my spare time enjoy escaping to the mountains somewhere.

When in Cambridge I enjoy visiting the Arts Picturehouse and spending time in Cambridge’s many independent cafes and pubs.

I’m a regular at the Cambridge Folk Festival, and if you come to the Beer Festival, you may well see me serving the drinks.

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“[Julian] was a great loss to Parliament. He rattled many an establishment cage...and was highly effective.”

- Iain Dale,
Respected Broadcaster

“Julian was one of the most hard-working MPs in Parliament, and he worked tirelessly to get extra money for local schools.”

- Rachel Snape, Headteacher,
Spinney Primary School

“Cambridge has missed having an MP of Julian’s calibre in Parliament. His energy and enthusiasm, not to mention his record, are hard to match.”

- Shahida Rahman,
Maitland Avenue

“With health services at breaking point, it’s vital we have strong voices challenging Theresa May’s cuts agenda. We need Julian back.”

- Ray Carlos,
local nurse

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