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Daniele GibneyI moved to Cambridge twelve years ago, and I’m now happily settled in King’s Hedges. I’m keen to give something back to the city that has welcomed me so warmly.

We’re a wealthy city, which means we should be able to look after those who are less fortunate. That means things like sufficient housing, affordable rents, and a supportive and empathetic approach to keeping a roof over people’s heads. It’s not right that repairs to council homes are currently falling behind, when the money is available. As a councillor, I would also do what I can to prioritise services for those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable. We should all be able to find enjoyment in life, follow our interests, and connect with our community.

I grew up in the Netherlands, a country where public transport is convenient, integrated and affordable, and where cycling is safe. I know this can be done in densely populated areas. Cambridge will continue to grow; with more people both living in and commuting to the city we cannot continue to prioritise driving. I would stand up for better public transport links for the north of the city. For example, more services that actually stop along Milton Road rather than zooming straight through, and a link-up between King’s Hedges and Cambridge North station.

In my working life, I’ve done a number of jobs related to publishing and education in the sciences, most particularly chemistry. My work tends to involve a lot of project management, networking and working together in varied teams. I have also been involved in the organisation of the Cambridge Beer Festival for a number of years. I hope I can put all this experience to good use as a councillor, to help make King’s Hedges, and Cambridge as a whole, an even better place to live.

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    We need to maintain a police presence in Cambridge City Centre. https://www.cambridgelibdems.org.uk/city_centre_police_station?recruiter_id=85573

    City Centre Police Station


    The Police plan to move their current southern divisional Police HQ out of Parkside in Cambridge City centre and relocate it to a site on the outskirts of the city, in Milton.

    563 signatures

    We call on the Police & Crime Commissioner to honour his promise to keep a smaller police station in the centre of Cambridge for its neighbourhood policing teams and to enable face-to-face contact for the public 24 hours a day.

    And we call on both the City Council and Police Commissioner to explore how the Police could share a city centre building with the council’s community safety and enforcement teams in order to better co-ordinate their operations.

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    Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats: Library Computer Charging

    Liberal Democrats in Cambridgeshire have launched a campaign to protect people’s free internet access at libraries.

    At a committee meeting on Tuesday 13th February, the Conservatives passed a motion on the future direction of the Library service which included a charge for people using computers at the library for more than half an hour.  Liberal Democrats proposed an amendment to remove this specific charge, but neither the Tories or the Labour member on the committee supported this.  

    Liberal Democrats believe that access to the internet is a key element of equality in the modern world, and that the County Council has a responsibility to provide access to computers to those, who for reasons of finance or where they live may not have high quality internet access in their homes. 

    Those living in poverty or in rural areas are already isolated in many ways. To charge for computer use in libraries will only deepen the inequalities in our county. Jobseekers and those receiving Universal Credit are likely to suffer particularly, as they are obliged to spend many hours looking for work in order to receive their benefits.

    We also believe the costs of putting in place such a system (estimated as £18,800 for software alone) would negate any income received for years. 

    The Liberal Democrats are therefore opposing this charge.  Over 500 people signed our petition before the meeting.  We'll be bringing the matter to full council in the future so please do sign and share so we can show the Tory County Council just how many people are appalled by this measure.

    776 signatures

    We, the undersigned, call on the County Council to reject proposals to charge people for using the computers and internet at Cambridgeshire’s libraries.


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    Can You Help? 

    By volunteering even just an hour of your time you can make a difference in Cambridge. You can help in many practical ways: from displaying a poster in your garden at election time, to stuffing envelopes or delivering leaflets, making phone calls, or going out knocking on doors around Cambridge. If policy making is your thing, we run regular policy discussion events.

    If you want to really make a positive impact on your community, speak to us about standing for election to the City Council.

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  • Fairer Funding for Cambridgeshire Schools

    Since the 1980s, Cambridgeshire schools have been underfunded. They currently get £600 per pupil per year less than the English average - the lowest in the whole country.

    Julian meeting local youngstersJulian Huppert - MP for Cambridge 2010 - 2015 - has made fairer school funding a top priority raising it repeatedly in parliament, and this year presented a petition to Lib Dem Schools Minister David Laws signed by over 2,000 local residents. This helped Julian and the team to secure an additional £23.2 million each year in funding for local schools - an extra £130,000 for a typical primary school.

    While this is a massive step forward, it still does not bring us up onto a par with other parts of the Country.

    Sign below to urge the Government to give our school children the investment they deserve through a proper fair funding formula.

    94 signatures

    I/we the undersigned urge the Government to provide a fair funding formula so that Cambridge schools get the funding they deserve.

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