Dan Hilken

Dan HIlkenI grew up in Cambridge and around the world. I decided to move with my family to Trumpington after spending a couple of decades in London and the Far East. I think there's no better place to live than Cambridge. But as the city grows, residents must work hard to preserve and enhance it.

Since I began as a commercial lawyer in the 1990s, moving in the 2000s into journalism, advisory work and business development, I have watched globalisation and rapid development with both excitement and scepticism. Globalisation has opened up possibilities, but has brought problems, not least to the environment.

In 2016, while in a global role as an editor at professional services firm EY, I moved with my wife and daughter to a small house in Trumpington, working from home and in London. We happened to move the week of the Brexit vote!

Then Prime Minister Theresa May claimed that people who call themselves citizens of the world are citizens of nowhere. But in fact, world citizens are also attached to local communities, and can bring in helpful ideas from elsewhere.

I was born in South America, grew up in Africa, England and the Middle East, and studied Chinese and Law at university. But wherever I have been I have participated locally. And I have seen that public services, including good schools and transport, are crucial.

In Trumpington, I started helping the local Liberal Democrats after being impressed how they have helped the community plan for and accept huge new developments. And when Trumpington Lib Dem City Cllr Nick Avery said he would stand down at the end of his term in May 2018 I put in my bid to fill his big shoes, so I could represent residents not just on Trumpington issues, but also on causes that impact all Cambridge.

All politics is local: Britain is made up of communities. And they need good representation.

My family has keenly engaged in Trumpington and Cambridge life. My wife works as an administrator at Cambridge University. My daughter attends Trumpington Community College. We cycle both to get around Trumpington and to go into Cambridge.

We enjoy walking the dog, participating in Trumpington groups and seeing my parents, who still live in the house on Chesterton Road that they bought in the mid 1970s. And we are looking forward to taking on one of the new Trumpington allotments.

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    By volunteering even just an hour of your time you can make a difference in Cambridge. You can help in many practical ways: from displaying a poster in your garden at election time, to stuffing envelopes or delivering leaflets, making phone calls, or going out knocking on doors around Cambridge. If policy making is your thing, we run regular policy discussion events.

    If you want to really make a positive impact on your community, speak to us about standing for election to the City Council.

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