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East Chesterton has grown out of the old village that it once was, with two primary schools (The Shirley School and Chesterton Primary) to house its growing population as well as a new train station.  As Cambridge grows, East Chesterton is set to grow further and we need to ensure development works for all residents, old and new.

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Chesterton Local highways bids 2020

Local Highways bids - invitation for ideas.
Every year the County Council has a scheme for small scale improvements/changes in the Highway (roads/pavements). As County Councillors we are charged with coming up with a maximum of five bids for consideration per division.
The programme was delayed this year due to Covid-19, but now has a deadline for those 5 bids of *****27th September.*****
This is one of many places where I'm inviting ideas - so I cannot promise everything here will reach those final five, or that any of them will.
Of those put forward any number of them (or none) may get past a further panel stage.
I am also running a virtual drop in meeting Tuesday 22nd, 7pm, link here.
Thus far I've three proposals that have come out of suggestions late for last year, or over the last few months:
Double Yellows, Franks Lane Cut-through
Extend Double yellows, Herbert Street
Fallowfield traffic calming.
There are also four from last year which DIDN'T receive funding:
Street light replacements (2 orchard road, 1 in lents way, 1 in fallowfield)
Reduce cycle/pedestrian conflictt, Moss Bank
Riverside bridge conflict reduction
Hurst Park Avenue box junction
The mini round about bid did receive funding and is currently being programmed in.
I should note that I'm responsible for the Chesterton *Division* which covers parts of the East Chesterton and West Chesterton City Council wards - I'll attempt to redirect people as appropriate.

Chisholm trail update 2020-09-20

I met with the project team recently; they will be updating the official page soon, but until then read on for updates...

Jetty will be open by 'autumn 2020' (ie now) with a deadline of 21st December.
The Newmarket Road underpass is aimed to be done Spring 2021.
The whole of Phase 1 ( up to Coldham's Lane) is planned to open Autumn 2021.
The bridge will be finished and hoisted in soon; the reason it won't be open until a year later is that there are various works on the banks and the approaches/steps that will still need finishing before it is accessible.
Fen Road access is still planned to be via the existing cut through, with a small build out to improve visibility - I'm awaiting more detail on the design, and am meeting the project team to discuss linking up with the 71-73 fen road developments.

Funding available for open spaces and community facilities

key_piggy-bank-2889042_640.jpgFunding opportunity! "S106 funding" (the name comes from the section of the act it refers to) is available for public open spaces and parks in (or near) the Chesterton wards, and for community spaces (eg places like Brownsfield Youth Centre).

This funding has to be for projects within the city of Cambridge and need to be about providing additional benefit to mitigate the impact (increased demands on local facilities and amenities) arising from development in Cambridge. It cannot be used for repairs, maintenance, like-for-like replacements or running costs.
Examples of previous things funded this way include *new* play equipment, the skate park at Brownsfields.
Very interested in ideas anyone might have. The amounts of funding are:
Community Facilities: £24k east chesterton, £41k west chesterton
Open spaces: east chesterton £7k, west chesterton £23k
Full detail link is here:


Some good news - Drain repairs, Speed hump repairs and making the High Street mini round about safer

key_miniroundabout.pngI’m pleased to give you three pieces of good news; I’ve secured funding for some local improvements in Chesterton.

After I was successful in bidding for funds last year, the centre of the mini roundabout linking High Street, Green End Road & Water Lane will be raised to try and combat speeding and dangerous driving at that location - particularity with cars cutting through the centre.

The speed humps on the High Street will all be repaired in sequence, with the easily-damaged brick designs being replaced with standard ashphalt (concrete). I did a limited consultation (limited by it being during the pandemic) on this online - this is the option that would see this and drainage works come in within maintenance budgets

Finally, the number of blocked drains will be properly worked on, hopefully fixing the drainage issues that happen ever year.

No reduction in green space in East Chesterton


Rumours abound that Labour run Cambridge City Council is planning to build on all or part of the "five trees" area.


This is small, but much loved, green space between Fen Road, Cam Causeway, Cheney Way and Lents Way, shown in the map on the right.

The north of the City and East Chesterton are lacking in green space and none should be lost!

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Fallowfield safety

Let Discovery Way Benefit from Fibre Broadband


City Fibre has been installing fibre broadband infrastructure across Chesterton.  This brings faster, more reliable Internet directly to residents' homes and is the sort of investment that will be vital if Cambridge is to keep all its residents connected.

Local Lib Dems have been critical of City Fibre in the past, when their works have blocked the street or caused damage, and continue to press them to improve, but most residents agree it needs to be done and many are already enjoying the benefits of a much faster connection.  Residents of Discovery Way have been asking us when they'll be getting fibre, but there's a snag.

Discovery Way hasn't been adopted by the County Council, so isn't in City Fibre's plans.  They'd love to provide Discovery Way residents with decent broadband, but they need to persuade Metropolitan Housing to permit it.  By signing this petition you can show your support and help ensure Discovery Way isn't left behind.

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City Fibre work across Cambridge



Read on for details of when the works will happen, and an FAQ on the works.

The latest schedule, which will be refreshed regularly, hopefully once a week here, is: City Fibre timetable

(we had a Public meeting at The Waterman pub, rear shed, 1800-2000 on 2020-01-30 (6pm-8pm on the 30th January) with representatives from City Fibre present, and potentially could organise another if needed). 

Area Schedule

The schedule for works covers the following areas on the map lower down a "PN"is a "Primary Node" which covers about 400 properties.

PN Start Finish
PN 50 Dec 2019 Mar 2020
PN 118 Jan 2020 Mar 2020
PN 29 Jan 2020 Apr 2020
PN 42 Jan 2020 Apr 2020
PN 47 Jan 2020 May 2020
PN 133 Feb 2020 May 2020
PN 144 Feb 2020 June 2020

These map onto the areas shown below:


Detailed schedule

This will be regularly updated as we have information from City Fibre: works schedule 


FAQ notes

These are not exhaustive but are examples of what is and isn't allowed.

They are not permitted to leave any more that 40m of trench open and barriered overnight in any one street.

There should be work people available to facilitate access to houses at all times.

Replanting of eg verge damage is scheduled for March onwards. Under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 they work is subject to the standard two year guarantee; with a minimum of the statutory two reinstatement inspections by the County Council being made during this period; 3-6 months after completion and at 21 months from completion, just before the two year guarantee period.  

The category of work is defined as 3 days for minor works, 10 days for standard works, then anything over 10 days become  major


  • Dedicated enforcement officer for works, paid for by City Fibre, employed by County

City Fibre cabinet installs must be delayed until a proper plan is in place - Cllr Ian Manning

cityfibre_cabinet.jpgCity Fibre is a project to provide super fast broadband to homes in Cambridge.  It started in the North of the City earlier this year, with a very agressive timetable of works to install cables under residental streets.

I've (Cllr Ian Manning) been working with officers to try and ensure the works are carried out in ways that don't unduly disrupt residents - many people have had serious issues with the work as it has continued.  

Most recently there have been complaints from residents about the location of the cabinets that support the connections to houses, and I've been following this up - I'm now demanding a freeze on more installs & authorisation of cabinets until after officers have met to agree a proper plan and involve local Cllrs and residents in the locations of the same.

A number of locations of cabinets have risked either aking it impossible for residents to maintain their fences, and in more serious cases made it easy to jump over fences making residents feel insecure.  Clearly there is a worry about obstruction of pa ements on top of this.

Many cabinet installations haven't been approved by the County Council.  There are some basic criteria under which a cabinet could be approved:

1)  Is the location ver an access point?
2)  Is the pavement wide enough with the cabinet?
3)  Is there at least a 100mm gap between the cabinet and property boundaries?

I'm working with officers to understand whether a cabinet location can be turned down even if it meets the criteria above.  Further I'm calling for:

1)  A blanket policy of no formal authorisations until City Fibre have met with officers to agree a full plan of cabinet locations from this point on.
2)  City Fibre should be supply plans of proposed box locations in advance of installation.  These plans should go to the lead opposition members and chair/vice as well as the local member in additional to the relevant highways officer - which some deadline for objections/not.
3) A full list of box loctions showing their approval status and who approved these in the cases they were approved.

Chesterton Local highways bids - five progressed


As noted in a previous blog post I had to select five top bids to progress to the next stage of the LHI process.  I'm going to explain which ones I've selected, and some reasons for those as well as the ones I didn't progress.

Progressing to next stage

Bid Title Detail Comments
Streetlights (2 orchard, 1 lents way, 1 Fallowfield) Combination of two bids - one from another Councillor and one from me (Ian Manning).  Remove one light from mine in order that both bids could go through as one (with one less light on the second). The previous County Councillor for West Chesterton had let all lights be removed from Orchard Avenue, and the two other requests (Fallowfield and Lent's Way) came from residents concerned about particular areas.
Reduce cycle/pedestrian conflictt, Moss Bank Carry on pavement from end of moss bank into path to station. Re arrange bollards so cyclists are encouraged to use road and pedestrians pavement. This is an area that will only become busier and more congested as the Chisholm Trail is finished.
Mini roundabout Water Lane Raise roundabout in order to slow traffic down I've no doubt this will be expensive, but it was a resident suggestion that was extremely popular.
Riverside bridge conflict reduction Prevent cars overhanding car parking area on Chesterton side of path to bridge.  Potential rearrangement of bollard to reduce conflict. Suggestion from Cambridge Cycle Campaign which I've had as an LHI in previous years.
Hurst Park Avenue box junction Currently very difficult and dangerous for cars to get out at peak times. Note - this will be redundant if the City Deal Milton Road proposals will go through, but this currently isn't certain, and may take around 2 years.

Not progressing

Bid title Detail Comments
Mobile vehicle activated speed sign   I've been told by officers they plan to pool these across Cambridge City, and are currently at capacity.  On that basis, that we will be able to get one at points, I didn't see a need to use a bid on a specific one.
Improved signage for Cambridge North station   Officers believe a budget has been identified for this outside the LHI process.
Grumpy's corner bollard Stop motor traffic from cutting the corner near the corner shop. Again, an alternative route has been identified.
Bollards outside shops on Arbury Road at the junction with Milton Road Intention was to help with preventing pavement parking in this area. This came from a Labour Cllr who'd failed to talk to any of the businesses about this - on top of this, some of the pavement isn't County owned, so potentially the Council could be blocking access to private land.
Dropped kerb, Elizabeth Way Make cycle route tom Humberstone Road from East Chesterton more easy and convenient, take cyclists away from pavement. I don't believe this is as urgent or busy a route as the bid I have progressed, and do not believe it as much of a local priority as  the other bids.

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