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County Councillor, Chesterton
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East Chesterton has grown out of the old village that it once was, with a primary school to house its growing population as well as a new train station.  As Cambridge grows, East Chesterton is set to grow further and we need to ensure development works for all residents, old and new.

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Chesterton Local highways bids - five progressed


As noted in a previous blog post I had to select five top bids to progress to the next stage of the LHI process.  I'm going to explain which ones I've selected, and some reasons for those as well as the ones I didn't progress.

Progressing to next stage

Bid Title Detail Comments
Streetlights (2 orchard, 1 lents way, 1 Fallowfield) Combination of two bids - one from another Councillor and one from me (Ian Manning).  Remove one light from mine in order that both bids could go through as one (with one less light on the second). The previous County Councillor for West Chesterton had let all lights be removed from Orchard Avenue, and the two other requests (Fallowfield and Lent's Way) came from residents concerned about particular areas.
Reduce cycle/pedestrian conflictt, Moss Bank Carry on pavement from end of moss bank into path to station. Re arrange bollards so cyclists are encouraged to use road and pedestrians pavement. This is an area that will only become busier and more congested as the Chisholm Trail is finished.
Mini roundabout Water Lane Raise roundabout in order to slow traffic down I've no doubt this will be expensive, but it was a resident suggestion that was extremely popular.
Riverside bridge conflict reduction Prevent cars overhanding car parking area on Chesterton side of path to bridge.  Potential rearrangement of bollard to reduce conflict. Suggestion from Cambridge Cycle Campaign which I've had as an LHI in previous years.
Hurst Park Avenue box junction Currently very difficult and dangerous for cars to get out at peak times. Note - this will be redundant if the City Deal Milton Road proposals will go through, but this currently isn't certain, and may take around 2 years.

Not progressing

Bid title Detail Comments
Mobile vehicle activated speed sign   I've been told by officers they plan to pool these across Cambridge City, and are currently at capacity.  On that basis, that we will be able to get one at points, I didn't see a need to use a bid on a specific one.
Improved signage for Cambridge North station   Officers believe a budget has been identified for this outside the LHI process.
Grumpy's corner bollard Stop motor traffic from cutting the corner near the corner shop. Again, an alternative route has been identified.
Bollards outside shops on Arbury Road at the junction with Milton Road Intention was to help with preventing pavement parking in this area. This came from a Labour Cllr who'd failed to talk to any of the businesses about this - on top of this, some of the pavement isn't County owned, so potentially the Council could be blocking access to private land.
Dropped kerb, Elizabeth Way Make cycle route tom Humberstone Road from East Chesterton more easy and convenient, take cyclists away from pavement. I don't believe this is as urgent or busy a route as the bid I have progressed, and do not believe it as much of a local priority as  the other bids.

Passenger Benefit Fund Must Benefit Chesterton

The front of Cambridge North station

After the disruption to rail services last year local railway operator GTR has created a Passenger Benefit Fund to compensate passengers and communities for the disruption.  We believe that increased traffic on the line will bring additional problems to an already busy level crossing, and are calling on GTR to fund research into a road bridge over the railway line so that residents and businesses aren't shut in and the dangerous level crossing can be closed.


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Level Crossing Smash Shows Need For Action

Last night (April 10th) a van smashed through the closed level crossing barriers on Fen Road while trying to escape from police.  It is fortunate that trains were able to stop or the consequences could have been much worse.  The smash again cut off people living beyond the level crossing and shows the need for a long term solution to improve access to this area so this dangerous level crossing can be closed.  Please sign our petition!

It's not just terrifying incidents like this that are a problem.  Since the opening of the new station at Cambridge North the level crossing barriers have often been down for 40 minutes in every hour.  Lib Dem colleagues from South Cambridgeshire District Council and I (Owen Dunn) have worked with Network Rail to reduce these delays, but as the line through Chesterton gets busier as Cambridge grows the problem will only get worse.

Let's Build a Bridge

That's why the North East Cambridge Area Action Plan for a large housing development on the Cowley Road sewage works site is an opportunity we can't let slip.  Hundreds of millions of pounds of investment in the area should be made to work for us, by including plans for a permanent bridge over the railway to connect this area to the rest of Cambridge.  Only then will we be able to close this dangerous level crossing.

This plan has widespread support from residents and businesses on both sides of the railway, but local Labour councillors oppose closing the crossing.  Only Liberal Democrats are listening to local people's concerns.

Elizabeth Way to Chesterton Road - a vision for better

Dear Resident
How much better could Elizabeth Way & Chesterton Road be? How much greener? How much safer?

...and how would you do it?

PUBLIC DROP IN MEETING: 27th February 1800 – 2000, The Waterman, rear shed


In amongst changes being proposed across our area, we think Elizabeth Way and Chesterton Road are a little overlooked and unloved...we want to start talking about them now, finding out what you want to happen and how you think it can be improved, so we can campaign to get the funding needed to make the changes for the better in future.

Join us on the 27th, where we’ll show some concepts and ideas to get conversations started, and collect your views on what you want to happen. Of course, feel free to talk to us about anything else that you feel is important!

Wednesday 27th February, DROP IN anytime between 6pm - 8pm, The Waterman (in the shed at the back)

Elizabeth Way bridge engineering works

Major works are planned to replace the damaged bridge expansion joints to Elizabeth Bridge on Elizabeth Way, Cambridge over the River Cam.


The work will take place over 4 weekends:

8th to 11th March;

15th to 18th March;

22nd to 25th March 

29th to 1st April 2019. 

Work will commence at 8pm on the Fridays and be complete by 5am on the Mondays.

To enable the installation of the new expansion joint and the removal of the old we will install a contraflow lane system over half of the bridge.  As the removal of the old joints involves some noisy concrete demolition,  this will be restricted to daytimes rather than the overnight periods.

I'm enquiring about what will happen to footways, and whether access to the firing range and/or St John's ambulance will be affected.

Whitworth house closure - update 1

Both Cllr Jamie Dalzell and I (Cllr Ian Manning ) are working to respond to this:  https://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/whitworth-house-saved-my-life-now-they-want-to-close-it-9061552/

This is a a decision driven by County Council cuts, but primarily by the results of a report into provision of this and similar types.

This report was produced based partly on the St Bail's pathway concept - https://stbasils.org.uk/how-we-help/ .  

I've asked for a copy of the report, and for what consultation was done with Whitworth and/or Orwell over this.



Close the Chesterton Level Crossing and get better access from the Milton side

Owen Dunn in front of the level crossing

The Level Crossing on Fen Road in Chesterton is busy and set to get ever busier.  With the barriers sometimes down for lengthy periods residents and businesses on Chesterton Fen feel shut out.  They deserve better.  Many, including children, risk their lives daily jumping the barriers.  Network Rail are doing what they can to make things better but in the long run the only thing will help is alternative road access to the homes and businesses on the far side of the level crossing, so that the crossing can be closed.

We believe the proposed redevelopment of the Cowley Road sewage works for housing is an opportunity to address this problem once and for all.

(It's also important that we all respond to the formal consultation on this new development;if you sign this petition we'll get back to you with specifics of what will be helpful to include in your consultation response!)

Sign our Petition!

East Chesterton parking - further notes

Just to clear up a few things about the proposed parking controls that Owen Dunn posted about ( http://www.cambridgelibdems.org.uk/parking_bays_on_your_street )
This is not a done deal, this is Owen, Shahida and I following up on our promises to keep residents informed and empowered. From 2017 we've been saying proposals are coming (see http://bit.ly/ech-res-park ) and trying to find out what people think of the idea.
In other areas I've proposed and/or modified proposals or stopped them going ahead due to the lack of support/demand. eg:
We'll run some workshops (dates tbc) so residents can discuss between themselves/ask questions etc and I'm also happy to try and do some on online(eg facebook live)

Residents Parking in East Chesterton - Bays on Your Street?

Residents parking sign

The City Deal is pressing ahead with its proposals for residents' parking in East Chesterton.  This means marked bays on the road in which residents and visitors will need to buy permits to park.  To find out what's proposed in your street we've made the plans available by street.

We've done a lot of work with residents to customise and change City Deal parking controls recently, often in the face of Labour councillors determined to press ahead. We've created an FAQ here with information about how these parking schemes work.

The most important thing to highlight is that there will be an overall reduction in parking spaces as a result of these plans - so please consider them carefully.

East Chesterton has been divided into three zones.  If you live in a zone you would be entitled to buy a permit to park in any bay in that zone.  To make it a bit easier to find out what is planned for your street we have listed most of the streets in the various zones below.  Most of the maps have a key in the top right, but the important thing is that double yellow lines are solid red and proposed parking bays are green rectangles.

South Zone

The South Zone covers everything south of Scotland Road and west of Green End Road.  Maps:

These streets are in the South Zone:

  • Camside
  • Capstan Close
  • Chapel Street
  • Chesterton Road (east of Elizabeth Way)
  • Church Street
  • Dalton Square
  • Ferry Lane
  • Grayling Close
  • Green End Road (odds 179-211)
  • High Street (evens 8-238, odds 81-243)
  • Logans Way
  • Longworth Avenue
  • Lynfield Lane
  • Maltsters Way
  • Mariners Way
  • Midhurst Close
  • Primary Court
  • St Andrews Road
  • Scotland Close
  • Scotland Road (evens)
  • Whytford Close
  • Wilding Walk

West Zone

The west zone covers everything north of Scotland Road and west of Green End Road as far as Milton Road and Elizabeth Way. Maps:

These streets are in the west zone:

  • Ashfield Road
  • Chesterfield Road
  • Cook Close
  • Dundee Close
  • Eastfield
  • Edinburgh Road
  • Elmfield Road
  • Evergreens
  • Fraser Road
  • Green End Road (odds 1-167)
  • Heath House
  • Inverness Close
  • Kendal Way
  • Kinross Road
  • Laburnum Close
  • Milton Road (evens 182-324)
  • Oak Tree Avenue
  • Pakenham Close
  • Pearl Close
  • Scarsdale Close
  • Scotland Road (odds)
  • Sherbourne Close
  • Sherbourne Court
  • Shirley Grove
  • Southside Close
  • Sterling Close
  • Union Lane
  • Warren Road

East Zone

The east zone covers everything south/east of Green End Road and Water Lane.  Maps:

It includes the following streets:

  • Anglers Way
  • Bourne Road
  • Bramley Court
  • Cam Causeway
  • Cheney Way
  • Enniskillen Road
  • Fairbairn Road
  • Fallowfield
  • Fen Road
  • Gainsborough Close
  • Green End Road (evens)
  • Green Park
  • Grieve Court
  • The Green
  • The Grove
  • Izaak Walton Way
  • Laxton Way
  • Lents Way
  • Long Reach Road
  • Maitland Avenue
  • Mays Way
  • Mortlock Avenue
  • Moss Bank
  • Nuffield Close
  • Nuffield Road
  • Pearmain Court
  • Pippin Drive
  • Ribston Way
  • Russet Court
  • Water Street

City Deal to Think Again on Nuffield Road

After many months of campaigning by residents and the local school, the Greater Cambridge Partnership (City Deal) has agreed to think again on its plans for dangerous advisory cycle lanes on Nuffield Road.


Liberal Democrats had won public support for segregated cycling facilities on Nuffield Road, to provide pedestrians and cyclists with safer access to the school, medical centre, and Cambridge North station.  But Labour councillors blocked these plans, leaving the City Deal with a plan for advisory cycle lanes only: paint on the road which will make nobody safer.

In an email to Cllr Ian Manning the County Council officer responsible for the project wrote:

"We received a number of negative responses to the consultation on the proposal for on-road cycle lanes, particularly from the Shirley School. We recently met with both the chair of the school governors and the head who are disappointed that the proposal for a segregated cycle route has not been taken forward. We would aim to undertake any work on Nuffield Road during the summer school holidays and so, given the ongoing discussions, are delaying any work until at least next summer."

This is now an opportunity for the City Deal and Labour councillors to look again and develop plans for Nuffield Road that meet the needs of vulnerable road users and residents alike.  There's space for a good plan, and ambitious ideas to make Nuffield Road a street for people again; it just needs Labour councillors to abandon their "won't can't shan't" and start to engage constructively.  Here's hoping they will.


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