A bold vision of change for Elizabeth Way

We hear so many complaints from residents of reckless, noisy driving and crippling levels of pollution and congestion on Elizabeth Way. Your local Lib Dems want to do something about it. 

We want to hear your views and ideas - see our survey below.

"Originally, the plan for Elizabeth Way was to buy the houses on the Chesterton side of the river and make the whole road a dual carriageway - but of course this never happened," said East Chesterton Lib Dem campaigner Bob Illingworth.

"The 500m of dual carriageway we do have encourage excessive speed and traffic, resulting in poor air quality, loud noise and dangerous driving.

"My proposals would scrap the dual carriageway, dedicating one side of the bridge to greenery, street furniture and pedestrian space - as well as a segregated two-way cycle lane. The road would then become a single carriageway.

See some initial 'mock-ups' of Bob's plans are show below, and can be downloaded on PDF by clicking here and by clicking here.



"In the shorter-term, we could definitely be looking to a 20mph zone - for instance, a zone including Elizabeth Way, Milton Road and Chesterton Road,” added West Chesterton City Cllr Jamie Dalzell.

"However, from conversations we've already had, the message from residents has been clear: "Be ambitious!". For real change, we need big, bold plans for the future - that’s where these proposals and your ideas come in. Please use the survey below to share your views.”

If, for whatever reason, the survey below isn't working for you, please click here to access it.

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